on the evening of October 11, 2011, due to dissatisfaction with Taobao mall unilateral price increase of the new regulations, part of the Taobao mall small sellers launched a large part of the seller to attack the network operations. This is known as the network riots, until the afternoon of October 17th, Ma announced the new deal and other concessions to postpone, began to subside.

is well known, in October 10th, Taobao mall announced the opening of new regulations. The new regulations increased the annual fee for technical services and shops default margin. The news came out, it attracted widespread controversy in the industry, in the face of high fees, many small sellers "facing the risk of being swept out of the Taobao mall, in front of the risk, they chose to attack the sellers of the way of responding.

we can not deny the positive order, the online shopping mall Taobao built, but the contradictions between Taobao mall and sellers is long-standing — last year that due to a substantial modification of search rules, so that small sellers traffic plummeted, the country more than 300 small sellers to Taobao headquarters in Hangzhou collective protest. At this point, we can not help but think, how to control the initiative of e-commerce sellers

?All the contradictions and disputes of

come from the same problem. Many times, in front of the electronic business platform, the seller is in a passive position, it is the case, we have to think about how the seller to control the initiative of e-commerce

first, in addition to the normal communication with the electricity supplier platform, at this time how sellers how to build their own electricity supplier channels is particularly important. That is, in addition to the store opened on the Taobao mall, how to build their own e-commerce website has become the only way to regain the initiative of e-commerce.

however, the station is simple but it is difficult to win the trust of the people. As we all know, with the emergence of online shopping, online fraud, phishing incidents. This makes the credibility of the site appears to be more important, after all, there is no credibility of the site, for the consumer based electricity supplier companies can be said to be a fatal blow. Taobao is also because the credibility of relative prices, so the seller to the platform to develop. Taobao mall is also caught the seller in this area of weakness, dare to unilaterally adjust the rules.

integrity and active is really difficult to be actually otherwise?. In reality, there are many ways to enhance the credibility of enterprises, such as brand reputation and enterprise integrity through business itself can be accumulated, but also through the net, similar to the launch of CNNIC technical support and trusted site verification service that the authority of the third party website to verify. It is worth mentioning that the trusted sites authentication website not only provides proof of identity, has a good set in data transmission encryption, trojan virus monitoring, web tamper monitoring, monitoring the operation of website security, maximize the protection of the site safety and consumer information security.

from this point of view, the electricity supplier companies want to be really strong, in addition to the existing third party trading platform, need more

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