double last year, 11, after the promotion of a variety of double 12, could not help but to sum up some experience in the electronic business platform to do activities. Every big promotion, users hand chop chop operations are also busy awfully, awfully. You want to do a big promotion activities, this is indeed a complex and trivial things, put the outline to sort it out, there are also available for reference to. After all, it is time to accumulate and summarize the growth of


I, the overall rhythm planning

here need to consider two factors, one is the platform’s promotional schedule, two is the company’s personnel arrangements.

Under normal circumstances, such as eleven

such large-scale activities should start planning in advance of the beginning of the month, the platform will generally start publicity and business registration in September, two. Different stages corresponding to different work content, so the first time on the general planning, in order to better mobilize all aspects of resources and manpower.


two, to determine the play (sales targets, specific programs)

1, determine sales target.

sales = flow * customer price * conversion rate, can be considered from three aspects, for the previous data, the estimated sales.

2, sales target decomposition.

here comes the question of gameplay. I have come across two different planning methods, one is the category of multi brand multi SKU, a brand is less SKU, different goods will play a different game.

for the brand less SKU this part, the most important thing is creativity. How to make a good plan, but also a certain methodology. Brief summary: first find the characteristics of divergent thinking promotion festival itself, such as double eleven, can think of is to chop hand off, and some little dog abuse. Second, consider the characteristics of the product itself, as well as the product wants to convey information. Put the two together, it is best to have some space in the social side.


if it is a variety of products, it will play more. From the marketing clues, no threshold of the full increase, there is a threshold of the full increase, light these points can play for a long time. Put aside this does not say, there is a lot of space in the play, cross brand cooperation, combined with the current hot limited, star platform, as long as you dare to think, really everything. Although many gameplay, but the overall control is a certain degree of difficulty. Because you want to ensure that the profit and loss of the entire inventory, which is a must distinguish the good egg shell, which one is the egg, so as to be a complete ear egg. In other words, you have to know that part of the amount of walking, let the sales data and traffic are very nice, but the key is you have to know which part is used to make money, make things earn enough money, this is the key to


three, execution and communication.


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