With the rapid development of enterprise information, the Information Department of

is also in rapid development. But different from the traditional enterprise production, marketing, personnel and other departments, the Department itself has been the introduction of management philosophy, the implementation of management for many years, now is the basis for the promotion of it, and the Information Department of most of the enterprise itself is a relatively new Department, even the management concept, the traditional method. Not introduced, thus it needs to consider how to enhance the management than the traditional department.

is in this background, since the beginning of 1980s is still in the Information Department of development and constantly improve the management concept of IT service management (ITSM), and its management method – IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), after entering twenty-first Century, the rapid popularity in the world, has become the management theory system of information department in the world accepted. Since its introduction in 1999, it has been in China for nearly ten years.

based on the management idea of information department (ITSM) and management method (ITIL), the information department management tools have been highly valued and widely used. The industry has given it a popular name – "IT-ERP", that is, the IT department’s own ERP system.

concept, methods and tools, constitute a complete system of scientific management of enterprise information sector.

we are pleased to see that the scientific management system in China has been initially formed. But on the other hand, the domestic after nearly ten years of practice, we have to admit that the system is mainly used in the IT population to dozens of people, hundreds or even thousands of large and medium scale information department, for those who only a few people or dozens of people in the small information department (small IT), this system a large extent The climate does not suit one". This is mainly reflected in:

first, the small and medium IT departments in the enterprise is difficult to call it a strong sector, they are more difficult to take the initiative to regulate the behavior of the IT business sector, but had to passively accept various operational requirements from the business sector IT. The standard IT process is difficult to effectively deal with non-standard, unpredictable IT user needs;

second, the maintenance of the small IT Department of IT equipment, usually large range (not only desktop and laptop computers, PC servers, and telephone and fax etc.) and miscellaneous brands (multi batch and multi departments to purchase, quality and wide distribution (a) distribution in multiple locations), relative Yu Dazhong IT Department of computer room common data center, and the IT Department IT equipment maintenance and management more difficult, it requires the IT operation and maintenance personnel must be multi skilled talents "". Accordingly, this means that the small and medium IT Department IT operation and maintenance personnel professional IT skills may not be enough.

third, mainly because of the above two reasons, the small and medium-sized IT Department inevitably became a "fireman", most of the time >

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