in the summer of 2007, I graduated from a key university in Sichuan, four years of undergraduate university, confused and decadent, I do not know when to start to lose, the road of life a fog. But the clouds will always be in the red wheel, a chance I had the honor to come into contact with SEO, so-called search engine optimization, one of the most basic search engine marketing network marketing. Yes, I have introduced the university professional English here, a computer and no relevant professional, don’t say for SEO optimization concept, without any knowledge of the code I gehangrugeshan, but I always believe that the story of Yu Minhong the eagle and the snail, the male eagle and the snail can reach the top of the Pyramid. However, only a vibration eagle wings, snails need not stop running up from dawn to dusk, but eventually reached Pyramid’s top harvest could see the world. So I keep learning, the shuttle in the A5, and the owners of the home, the SEOWHY forum, ZAC advanced combat password again refer to the understanding of learning, I always think, I made my way, is to climb to the top of the Pyramid, but I am not an eagle, I can only one day at a time SEO the theory, and pay for the action.

I get started, learn the basic theory of computer is installed on the dedecms site, in real practice, according to the SEOER advanced theory of execution, but every time I see something about SEO negative the heart always unavoidably some shake, today inadvertently saw an article SEO practitioners income, suddenly felt once again cast a shadow. The following shows the dark life of each SEOER:

A Jun: 25 years old, Tianjin SEO, no money, no car, no house, no wife;

B Jun: 30 years old, Xiamen SEO, do SEO a year, a monthly salary of 2500;

C Jun: 24 years old, Beijing SEO, do SEO a year, no room, no car, there are arrears;


Jun: SEO/SEM practice, coordinate Beijing. After 90. The bag eats 1500.

cry, my little universe! Whether to go on the road began to suspect the snail again? I even if it is not hard, the direction of the final climb, persist in exchange for what? Actually, I like this station should be few, today I use a lot of bedding ahead. Is to tell yourself, and tell every is engaged in SEO optimization webmaster have a reason, insist that their things, a lifetime to do one thing

is enough!Every day of the SEOER

forum Tucao, various moonlight on behalf of my "paid", a variety of Chinese cabbage price of SEO, a variety of grass root SEO. Every time I see the webmaster complaining of heart is very tangled. The webmaster, since you have chosen SEO, it is less complaints, more execution, any industry competition, any industry is rotten, any industry is the law of the jungle, according to this view you what.

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