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net called rabbit girl, is a very "fashion" on the line of fashion white-collar workers, is very concerned, will often buy their own clothes and cosmetics in the world and sisters share online. The 2009 opened the shopping channel, the petty bourgeoisie who is like a duck, who was a product, will be posting asking more people’s opinions, there is praise derogatory, bustling atmosphere.

analysis from the external reaction Tianya level, starting B2C platform strategy has early success, which has a huge influence on the popular sentiment and BBS, the flow, in the era of e-commerce coup again and again, is creating another miracle China e-commerce market. In the community users to buy, the most important indicator is the recommendation between people, or a friend’s recommendation, often to promote the purchase of factors. If a good evaluation, a good share, and ultimately the formation of the user’s purchase. We encourage users to express their views, praise, poor flat, not recommended to continue to appear in the platform, after the Internet has played a very positive role." This remark the senior vice president of community of lady Yu Lijuan, reveals not only the Tianya community into e-commerce advantage, but also pointed out the path for the development of the existing popular community.

"combination of electronic commerce and the community is becoming a hot phenomenon in the development of the Internet," Shanghai Weibo Network Technology Co., Cheng Xindong also optimistic about the marriage community and electronic commerce, "from a strategic perspective, e-commerce contains a huge market, and user groups are relatively scattered, online shopping existing in Taobao Baidu, independent network operators have their own share. Network operators are trying to find potential customers more effectively, and the SNS community is a group of mutual trust, have common preferences or professional people, they have great potential for consumption. Plus a lot of community sites are facing some pressure on profitability, combined with electronic commerce is a money king bright broad road."

currently, the profitable electronic commerce website has a few, such as STO logistics website through Taobao monthly guest income of several million, with the popular sentiment community earnings outlook is self-evident. However, compared with the rich end of such a large community, how to cut the electronic commerce with the lowest capital and manpower cost, low cost, how to achieve profitability as soon as possible to promote the mall has become a lot of small and medium-sized communities have the most headache problem.

V5mall multi-user mall system launched for the community to enter e-commerce provides a cost-effective choice. V5mall has an open interface, easy to achieve docking with the community site, and quickly create a beautiful interface, powerful, easy management of large online shopping mall. Whether it is a single commodity, or the production of "general" mall, v5mall are more than sufficient.

V5mall is also reflected in the profitability of profitability, which is V5SHOP has been >

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