[Abstract] the draft amendment to the food safety law stipulates that any online sales, production and operation of food, there must be a physical store.

network sales of food regulation will become more and more stringent, the quality of the food will be more secure network sales, food safety for the network to combat the crime will be more effective. The expected reason is, before the twelfth session of the twelfth NPC Standing Committee meeting of the group considered the revised draft food safety law. Where online sales of food must have a physical store and obtain a business license, as one of the recommendations was put forward, is considered to be an era of food safety regulatory compliance electricity supplier forward move, causing widespread concern.

changes: food safety regulatory requirements from the third party platform to the main business sales requirements

network of food regulatory gaps in the gradual filling. As early as last October, the food safety law of the State Food and drug administration to the public for the "(Revised Draft)" in the regulations: the third party network of food trading platform provider shall obtain food production license, and shall bear the responsibility for food safety management; not to fulfill legal obligations, infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, shall be jointly and severally liable Xianhengpeifu, and etc..

this provision has been directed at the regulatory basis, without hard force food net sales, caused a burst of applause. Legislation is also due to the current situation of food consumption needs. Since 2009, the rapid changes in the environment of food production and sales, one of the prominent changes is that more and more consumers buy a variety of food from the network. Data show that in 2010 the amount of food online transactions reached 13 billion 840 million yuan; by May 2011, Taobao’s food store reached 10 million, an increase of nearly 2 times.

and the rapid development of food online shopping is accompanied by the emergence of food safety issues, regulatory law enforcement, consumer rights are lack of legal support, increase the consensus of legislation. "A recent review, the third party network of food trading regulations, proposed to increase the net food production operators shall obtain the license for food production in accordance with the law, means that in online sales, production and management of food, must have a physical store. The entity shop must also be in accordance with the food safety law, the production and operation requirements to obtain a license qualification." Changsha, a person in charge of food safety supervision.

impact: it is difficult to meet the requirements of standardized production, it is difficult for individual sellers to turn into a regular army

through the shop and mobile media, including Taobao, shop No. 1, WeChat and other foraging seeking incense, has been one of the habits of urban families. Consumer demand also let food providers on the network platform, WeChat, Taobao and other stores in the thumb, the little mouse poke, even a geometric outbreak of influence, has become a world food operators race.

good cook family gourmet kitchen is one of them. This is a sale of homemade homemade beef jerky, dried pork, pork and sesame sauce a variety of specialty stores, often because of ">

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