is now more and more B2C mall, but do well, a handful of success. According to their long-term observation and research, summed up several stages of a successful B2C need to go through the mall, today to share with you, just because some of their own views, so also hope you give criticism, well, to today’s text.

first stage: the target market must be clearly defined. We don’t think this is easy to say, in fact, this is a mistake many friends and even enterprise will be made, they may go to research or find their good products, and then go to the market to seek advice and approval. This product may be an occasional inspiration for the research and development department, may also be the leadership of some products feel popular, but often these products do not meet market demand. We should be rational judgment, do not have a preference for certain products, do not fall in love with certain products for no reason at all, so as not to open the market in the end. If you intend to produce the product is a lot of users have been actively looking for, then you will sell more smoothly. For example, a friend is a racing enthusiast, he often bubble forum, found that many people ask where to sell Mercedes car signs, because too many bad kids, signs often stolen. So he built a website that specializes in sales of signs, the results of each month to reach tens of thousands of profits.

The second stage of

: learn from others but not imitate. There are many types of successful web site, we can learn, but please do not imitate, especially do not imitate large companies. There is a classic saying on the Internet: "you can copy my model, but you can not successfully paste". The reason is very simple, seemingly a lot of things you can go to imitate, copy, but certainly there are some things you can not see the same thing, the same process, for different people to do will not get the same results. So even if you look and others do the same, is not more successful than others, or you will fail. We can continue to learn from others, but learning is to improve themselves, to strengthen themselves, especially in the fierce competition in the B2C market, without their own characteristics will not be recognized by customers.

third phase: a serious understanding of customer psychology. I believe that many large companies will be dedicated to study the real needs of customers. Customer needs and target market is not the same concept. Target market refers to a wide range, and customer demand is more accurate positioning, some users belong to the target market crowd, but not necessarily a true customer. For example, for example, a user wants to improve the site traffic, want to sell more products, then there are many ways to achieve, do the bidding, do SEO, soft Wen promotion can reach the goal. But for the search engine, network optimization company, soft marketing company, the customer is a member of its target market. But customers may only choose one way, it depends on who’s doing the marketing in place, to see who can seize the hearts of the customer’s marketing, who is likely to be the winner. This is the real needs of customers. Therefore, accurately grasp the needs of customers by

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