give you the derivative said the controversial stockpile today on stockpile this thing, there may be two extremes, some people say you stockpile, you store the more you took the price lower. Your pattern is higher. Not only can the retail and recruit many agents, such as you are bidding two special level can be, if you get the goods less special words, you can only do retail. Think about this truth, it is true that my low cost, I naturally high profits.

but the other extreme is to talk about the store goods, I store so many goods, if I do not sell? If not sell? If, "which come so much if you are not forced you to know how you can succeed" it is possible we can often listen to a chicken incentive. Similarly, there is no reason, a person’s potential is unlimited!

is a little crooked at extremely excited, do not love extremely excited people. More hate chicken soup. So we only talk about the actual.

micro business have been always controversial is the "pyramid" but derivative is not really my own pyramid! Try a lot of products tested, can be asserted that he is not a pyramid scheme, first of all he really did not force you to store the goods, then don’t control your own. This MLM mainly refers to the level of the agency model of micro business. We are now more than 70% of the micro traders are doing a layer of agency model of micro business.

So what is the

derivative, see an article Gong Wenxiang teacher said before, it is a combination of MLM and direct sales and traditional distribution mode of WeChat version of the distribution mode! Really summarize special place. Micro business does not limit your freedom completely you choose, although many levels, but it is not direct, not a good distribution model, because many products once the agent, may encounter difficult to retreat situation. There are some products to consumers in the hands of a brand can not, even quality. The problem. This is a number of drawbacks need a lot of brand manufacturers and policies to support the specification of the guide.

back to our topic theme, then taking the micro stockpile we how treat? It must be double charge, this is my 90 derivative squiggly summary


first, as to engage in micro business, not engaged in micro business people, if you want to micro entrepreneurs when choosing products, stockpile before the first: must not smooth flow, others choose what products on the choice of what to choose their own interest, they are good to shape products. So we can better shape the product value, it can go to the station on the 90 derivative, second: it must be a product of long-term brand quality must pass to their


on the second, we must do this stockpile rational treatment, some are not responsible for the home goods are anxious to put pressure to you, even can not be returned, or whether you can sell off hire agents. Because I really come into contact with the part of the crowd is not store the goods out, or that the money Yagen in goods, "

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