general, apply for U.S. listed companies, will have to submit the prospectus to SEC, but the difference between versions is not just tinkering with Amend. Jingdong in January 30, 2014 the first edition of the prospectus and the second edition of the difference between the great in March 19th, as we all know: Jingdong acquired a number of Tencent’s holdings of electricity supplier business and reached a strategic cooperation with Tencent. Tencent to $215 million in cash plus QQ online shopping, pat net of the shares of 9.9%, plus a share of $352 million in exchange for easy and fast Jingdong’s ordinary shares of $100%, equivalent to about $15% of the total share capital before the listing of Jingdong. In addition, the Jingdong has the right in March 10, 2017 to less than $132 million (800 million yuan) the price of any easion full ownership of

two revision of the investment file, which increased the content of

April 10th, Jingdong has submitted a third version of the prospectus (F-1/A). The other comprehensive a revised version of the previous, add or change the contents of several points: a director, two access points, three years, five years, up eight years of competition cooperation.

a director: Liu Chiping into the board of directors of Jingdong.

two access points: Tencent open to WeChat and mobile QQ access point, Tencent users to enter the mobile application home page click once to access Jingdong mobile shopping.

three year ban: Tencent Jingdong 352 million ordinary shares in the transaction, equivalent to 15% of the total equity of the Jingdong before listing. In the listing of Jingdong, Tencent will be issued at the issue price equivalent to 5% of the total share capital of the shares listed on Jingdong. Tencent commitments since March 10, 2014 3 years not to sell these Jingdong shares.

five years of cooperation: Tencent and Jingdong strategic cooperation period is five years, the Greater China region of cooperation.

eight years of competition: Tencent to Jingdong as the preferred partner in kind electricity supplier, and promised not to enter this area within eight years.

in addition, the second edition of Jingdong mentioned in the former Tencent to join Jingdong to provide equity incentives. The third edition defines the number of shares involved. 12 million 966 thousand and 500 restricted shares and 1 million 955 thousand ordinary shares. The follow-up from Tencent to Jingdong employees, there will be another arrangement equity incentive.

a Jingdong

generally speaking, to be listed in the main body of the architecture, business, capital and other aspects should be relatively shaped, so as to facilitate investors to predict its trend, to estimate its value. Capital market regulators tend to make rigid rules. For example, China provisions: Chi heavy prescription total assets, operating income or gross profit of more than 100% of the corresponding item issuer, after the reorganization of 36 months to declare listed, 24 months more than 50%.

U.S. capital markets main contract freedom, restructuring can be truthfully disclose investor recognition on the line. But like Jingdong in the submission of documents after the

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