with the development of the network, increasing the number of network, the number of online shopping is also growing rapidly! With the sentence popular words is: if you do not have online shopping, then you OUT! With the increase of the turnover of Taobao Ma hands, even handle Baidu search Robin Li and Ma Huateng focus on QQ also join them! In today’s C2C market, do network people should know, Taobao, and Baidu has ah Pat has gradually formed a situation of tripartite confrontation pattern of


Taobao, patted ah, ready to send their first, who will dominate the world? The technology, I think there will be no problem! Especially was known only to imitate innovation, never Ma Huateng! Then the Internet giant battle between the /p> who will win? "Taobao

network to First impressions are strongest,


C2C on the current market, there is no doubt that Taobao is still the leader in this industry! For many years to build the brand is not new ah and pat can be compared! Even in the mouth of the people said about the online shop is refers to Taobao! And Taobao with the rise in passenger network in this industry, it is so a large number of small and medium-sized webmaster to join Taobao! As a Taobao owner also have their own shop address hanging on your blog and space! Now Taobao has formed a kind of automatic marketing mechanism! It seems that Ma Yun was shielding Baidu search, but also have full confidence! For now, a lot of Taobao disguised charges people comment on Taobao’s reputation, marketing does not now Taobao in the industry dominant position for Taobao! Shop charges or Taobao auction, Taobao should be on the network A choice, imagine a shop even a month 30 yuan shop money can’t earn money, also talk about what online shop!

ah who can match search accumulate steadily,


remember when Baidu just enter the C2C market, many people are not optimistic about the There were many discussions. After all, Taobao! Has been popular, has to account for a space for one person in Taobao’s market, like hukouduoshi! But now it seems, as one of the leading figures of the Internet Robin Li, has done in the input ah before fully prepared so ah! What is the killer, how to shake the position of Taobao? In fact, Taobao is still the biggest competitive advantage Chinese the first search engine – Baidu! Often know the Internet people should see their own ah, put in the market, Baidu did not suddenly have enough horsepower to promote ah! But, Baidu’s suppression of Taobao we are obvious to people such as the recent Baidu! For Taobao customers a lot of blocked! Though the reason is "adequate", but the The reason can be imagined!


aims to fight a protracted war halt the troops and wait,


and pat it and said: people can only imitate, never innovation! Like Tencent games, what hot out today what! Not Tencent with conventional ideas to explain the reason, in fact! Because of this QQ Chinese necessary communication tool! If you want me.

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