Z-Blog is a well-known domestic Blog program. Ali mother is a very popular advertising agency.

accidentally discovered the Z-Blog forum in the sale of Ali mother station advertising, the price is not expensive, did not hesitate to buy three weeks.

The first day of

that successful advertising, they would go back, we said the first advertising affects the appearance, we said advertising images can be modified immediately, but they still insist on the end of the transaction.

in order to match this advertising delivery, we have also done a lot of preparatory work, but Z-Blog an unwarranted reasons, very tough to close the transaction, we naturally do not agree. But at about 11:00 at noon, Z-Blog forum unilaterally terminate the transaction, removed from the forum we put ads through Ali mother.

that afternoon, we post in the Z-Blog forum to explain things, hoping to successfully complete the transaction with Z-Blog. But the official attitude is disappointing:

to tell the truth, Z-Blog Ali mother in the above advertising, it is necessary to comply with the rules of Ali’s mother, just like people in China to comply with Chinese law.

we buy Z-Blog released ad, is in accordance with the provisions of the process of Ali mother go, is a (transaction) both sides are willing to trade. After the transaction, the emergence of the unexpected consequences of Z-Blog, Z-Blog in accordance with the recommendations of Ali’s mother’s customer service to open the audit function, and then contact the buyer to negotiate, put forward the corresponding solution." And, corresponding solution to them is unilateral termination of advertising? Z-Blog considered others for the advertising ready? Z-Blog considered joint losses for advertising? Do business do not comply with the inconstant in policy, basic integrity, Z-Blog after what can develop


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