according to China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) confirmed that CNNIC wants to guide domestic network users as soon as possible to upgrade to the Chinese domain name system, the relevant measures will be introduced this week.

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at the end of June thirty-second ICANN (ICANN) annual meeting in Paris, the ICANN Council agreed to allow the use of other languages including Chinese, as Internet top-level domain character. CNNIC subsequently announced that from 2009 onwards, "China" domain name system.

means that from the beginning of next year, in addition to the traditional.Com,.Net,.Cn and other English domain name suffix, the Internet will appear. Chinese companies can be registered in the form of the company’s Chinese name, China’s pure Chinese domain names, Internet users can directly enter the Chinese domain name directly to the relevant website. This is not only convenient for Chinese enterprises to spread the Internet, but also for Chinese Internet users to provide a more convenient way to browse the web.

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CNNIC source, ICANN has an important significance through the resolution, it indicates that the domain name system was born in 1983 (DNS Domain Name System) after 25 years of exclusive English language, the language of the world really ushered in the era Chinese, including top-level domain. The last one on the Internet application English fortress has also been compromised, the Chinese Internet in the world’s influence and status greatly improved.


of CNNIC ". Chinese enabled" of domain name system holds a positive attitude, in order to facilitate the users to use the Chinese domain name to access the Internet, improve the convenience of network access and overall Internet penetration rate, but also to help Internet users to upgrade as soon as possible to China domain, and early network brand planning, CNNIC will officially launch the "Chinese domain name the global escalation", in order to guide Internet users to respond to the upcoming full Chinese Internet era

insiders believe that ". The domain name system will enable Chinese" of domestic enterprises in Internet communication are of great help, but because of the domain name system. Chinese "domain name system and the traditional one has uniqueness, enterprises need to improve the domain name brand consciousness, reduce the risk of domain name robbed note.

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