days ago, online shopping platform, "Baidu has ah" the first "crown" buyers shop was born, the shop was born nearly a year, the average daily total credit is 27, far higher than the same level of similar businesses, creating a new record online shopping credit sprint. Analysts believe that, as ah, as an emerging online shopping platform, has maintained a strong momentum of growth, is practicing its let merchants earn money promise.

in the field of online shopping, "credit" is a unique business phenomenon, because the credit represents the transaction volume of the store, but also its overall strength and integrity of the performance. Based on this, a number of shops launched another round of "drilling", "crown" offensive. The industry believes that, through the promotion of normal business practices such as credit sprint behavior is benign, but also an important manifestation of platform activity. In the "sprint" go forward with great strength and vigour in the army, from Baidu "have ah" platform to create a new record store.

this shop is called 3C Digital City, the operation of the goods involved in 12 categories, the main audio and video, MP4, computer accessories and other products, is the first settled in a shop ah. Up to now, the store has accumulated nearly 10000 credit, an average daily increase of 27 credit. According to statistics, compared with the same level, compared to other shops operating similar products, this growth rate is currently the highest, creating a record rate of credit sprint. Yes ah anti fraud team in the 3C digital city after the credit investigation, said the store’s credit growth is a normal business, did not find any cheating irregularities.

The reporter found in the

login "3C digital city", a variety of promotional announcements throughout the store, and the integrity of the maintenance is also very seriously, is the "Gold Star shop", and joined the "consumer protection plan". For to be ah, crown first, boss Huang Jibo said, credit is not the ultimate goal, and the platform to grow together, bigger and stronger together, the future will have a greater harvest.

analysis shows that in the operation of 3C digital products in the store, before receiving the "crown" credit, the outstanding performance of the shops can possibly do daily about 20 credit, then began to accelerate growth, the shop’s "extraordinary play" is not only the sellers operating results, but also reflects the strength of the trading platform, especially for a new platform is rare.

over the past year we continue to promote the user experience, integrity and other aspects of the building has achieved initial results." Baidu electronic commerce department general manager Li Mingyuan said, "let the buyer happy consumption, allowing businesses to make money" is "ah" has been the purpose, in the future we will continue to help more businesses, enhance their liquidity, promote active trading platform."

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