immediately blessed, once the money has become the horse standard greetings, but not to the horse just after a few days, the Alibaba staged a takeover of the play in immediately IT circle, is a Alibaba wholly acquired high moral map, the investment Alibaba spent hundreds of millions of dollars, but to achieve common prosperity and high German Alibaba, from the future development, whether it is for the acquisition of Alibaba or for the high moral, can achieve a win-win situation.

for takeover of Alibaba, I think from Baidu and the Tencent’s psychology are not too comfortable, because the service areas on the map, Baidu and Tencent is undoubtedly a step ahead, in China Internet applications now taking BAT as the core, the Alibaba clearly felt from Tencent and Baidu, especially after in 2013 the Tencent WeChat cut electricity supplier in the field, the restless feeling particularly deep.

map application is on the rise

with the arrival of the mobile Internet era, especially the 4G era came, the map application will obviously be more comprehensive, map as the carrier of tourism, shopping, travel and other work, basically be able to relate to all aspects of people’s lives, can be said that the map in the mobile Internet era, has gradually evolved into a similar search entrance the engine, to seize the market entrance map is actually to seize the mobile Internet, and the entrance will be increased with the application of the adhesive for the majority of Internet users become more and more deeply, it also shows BAT all have to get into the field of motivation map.

The application of

in the map of the battle in the United States also occur, Google maps well to Apple envy, it is also good for Apple Google maps determined to abandon Google instead to develop its own map, but apple is a green hand in the area of the map appeared laughable, just appeared later Cook to apologize. But now the apple map has at least a with an air of importance, application ability, application of Microsoft map also awesome, in addition to the application of these giant map, there are a wide range of foreign targeted map application, which shows that the map in the mobile Internet era and the importance of.


map is no latecomers become the first


in the BAT big three, map application of Alibaba is obviously later, you know Baidu in the past few years has been acquired with the grade mapping qualification of enterprises, the Tencent in 2013 also completed a map of the field acquisition, the acquisition of behavior at the time seems to have caused such a sensation, perhaps in the 2013 WeChat application providers attract too many people’s attention, coupled with the Alibaba did not seem to attempt to force on the map, more the Countermeasures on the WeChat electricity supplier, through to WeChat and build strong mobile phone mobile version of Alipay as the starting point, in order to promote competition in the mobile Internet, but with more and more application map frequently, the Alibaba finally decided to start further into the map application, while the High German is clearly the best choice, because before the high Tak >

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