is watching the news "Juhuasuan 3 million" group purchase payment canceled Germany crabs and the rise of the idea of writing. So I think, in the increasingly fierce competition in the e-commerce industry, what to win? Everyone would like to agree that the user experience. Yes, the user experience is supreme, eternal truth, then, we often say that the user experience and what?

so, I suppose from the front to the back again, but also by the usual some of their shopping habits, summary the following do for the user experience.

a, brand awareness

shopping in e-commerce, the most worried about phishing sites, worried that there is no message after the payment of wood. At this time, our first reaction is whether the site is trustworthy. Therefore, in general, we will choose a reliable brand reputation of the site. Therefore, the e-commerce website has the first step in the test, often the user is followed by the strength of the brand awareness of the site, which is the brand benefits.

two, website experience

1) visual experience: Web site is clearly visible, website structure, classification display is clear, can successfully find the desired product search function is perfect?? it is very important to the author, usually decide whether I will continue to continue browsing this site. Once there was a well-known site, was originally a good impression, but even a search function is not, so in addition to browse it to buy the page, the other almost have not seen. Now e-commerce sites are more mature, there is no basic structural problems.

2) performance experience: open the page speed, there is no point is not open or slow phenomenon, and now the user is a busy family, there will not be too much patience to wait. There is a browser compatibility, the use of everyone is not the same, can not let the user to accommodate you.

3) shopping experience: product picture is clear, detailed product description. From another point of view, the product picture and product description is to seize the user to buy one of the important links. When the user needs to consult, whether it can be found in the first time the entrance of consultation will have to continue to put into the shopping cart, single, whether or not smooth.

three, after sales experience

this is my point of view in the "Juhuasuan 3 million" group purchase payment canceled Germany crabs after the news, the sudden feeling. I usually also often online shopping, will inevitably occur in some need to deal with the sale, there will be good and bad. Word games, do not deal with any of the various types will encounter, so deep feelings.

in my opinion, the experience of the service, including all the goods after the order, including the delivery of goods. Now pay attention to online shopping are non arrival time, I most love in a fast and easy shopping, because a good reputation, and secondly, receiving it >

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