according to the relevant data of WebHosting.Info and Twnic on the Taiwan domain name market shows that the domain name of Taiwan as of October 2007 a total of 392 thousand, including: Pan English TW domain name market share more than half, 54.9%; pan Chinese TW domain name market share of 32.4%. TW domain name market accounted for 87.3% of the share, occupy absolute advantage.

TW is the abbreviation of Taiwan (Taiwan), TW domain name is Taiwan domain name, is the region’s top domain name, with a distinctive Taiwan logo. Recently, the Taiwan and the mainland in the performing arts, trade, tourism and other cooperation have become increasingly frequent, the domestic Taiwanese investment companies have continued to increase, the registration and use of TW increase, coupled with the Taiwan Taiwan special status, TW domain name and domain name is HK Hongkong as the world’s attention from enterprises. Some time ago, there are legal claims through YAHOO (Yahoo M & a site with the same name domain) reports. The value of the TW domain continues to rise.

in the mainland, but also can register TW domain name, the era of the Internet is the first TW domain name service provider. It is understood that they also provide HK Hongkong domain name registration services. 07 years is a popular Chinese domain name a year, after upgrading the browser basically all support Chinese domain names, mother tongue Internet trend. It is understood that the TW domain name, not only in English, with the popularity of Chinese Internet, Taiwan domain names have also launched a Chinese.TW. 07 years from March 21st, the same time through the Internet, TWNIC (Taiwan domain name registration bureau) to the mainland for the first time to open the Chinese.TW.

the opening of the Chinese.TW for the majority of Taiwan funded enterprises in mainland China and Taiwan have important business contacts to provide a convenient registration options. Early opening of China Telecom.TW, ICBC.TW was the first to be registered, and then well-known sites have begun to pay attention, Tencent.TW, Sogou.TW, Dangdang.TW and other registered. There are some well-known enterprises registered Chinese.TW, registered by others are worried about the sale, resulting in unnecessary losses. Such as: Disney.TW, McDonald’s.TW, Volvo.TW, Haier.TW, SONY.TW, Procter & Gamble.TW.

as far as I know, TWNIC only accept traditional Chinese registration services, in this remind businesses and individuals, as far as possible to submit the application of traditional Chinese registration. However, the registration of the traditional and will have the corresponding simplified, this need not worry.

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