drive in the giant Groupon Chinese group purchase station "friends" before the domestic group purchase site full network "in a Gaopeng full network of outdoor advertisement appeared in the streets of Beijing. Interestingly, advertising in the "friends" and "full network", are quite profound meaning to be printed on bright yellow.

full network occasion to hype, more or less reflects the status of the war going on Chinese group purchase advertising. In the first year of 2010 experienced a group purchase "thousand group war" after 2011, with rich capital reserves have resorted to generous group purchase website, in the large and medium-sized city, lift tall billboard, speeding bus, senior office and website, the mainstream television media, group purchase website advertising bombing everywhere.

an incomplete data show that in 2011, the group has more than 1 billion site advertising plan. At the beginning of this year, the U.S. mission network that will be 130 million yuan tender advertisement plan; glutinous rice network that will put 200 million yuan ads to CCTV and local TV; Groupon in Ho throw million yuan to sign star endorsement, announced its 2011 full year will invest 550 million yuan in advertising; and just on the line soon Gaopeng is heavily buy 114 gold position navigation website.

"God wishes to destroy, they first make mad." An industry source who is playing the limelight advertising war. "In the mainstream group purchase website mostly after two rounds of venture capital investment, enterprises inevitably applied to the pressure increase, investors generally look at the growth rate of business, frantically throwing advertising will naturally bring high traffic to the site, but the input-output ratio is not high, is not the reason, now we are more than how to spend money."

fact, group purchase website advertising war crazy, reflects the fierce competition from the side of group purchase website, is the industry is about to enter the consolidation period in the shuffle signal.

advertising war will become a rich man’s game, only those who have a large group of VC funds to support the site, to be able to stick to it." Analysys capital analyst Liu Bin told the "First Financial Daily" said in an interview on the website advertising campaign group purchase form the "Matthew effect", such as further lay the handle, the U.S. group, the market position of the first camp group purchase website.

said pessimistically, in the present case, rely on the group purchase itself has been very difficult to make money, group purchase websites need to continue to increase marketing and customer service efforts, and the high cost of advertising is shortage will accelerate the operating cash flow, only VC funds to support the group purchase website has been able to "burn".

, however, for the buy site through the practice of changing the flow of advertising, or caused no small controversy. Buy site is not a mistake to spend money, but now I think it is not worth doing." According to the Asia Pacific APCC Competitiveness Research Institute executive president Wang Weiming analysis, "everyone is equal to no advertising, advertising, celebrity endorsements and excessive bombing of advertising, in fact.

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