said 2014 is the first year for a micro business, selling clothes, selling high imitation, selling fruit, sell the Wenwan etc. What are friends will soon become a small Taobao.


take cosmetics micro business, a day to add more than a dozen brands, what is the result?. Originally micro business is the Taobao meat.. A lot of micro business buyers also Taobao buyers, and now the circle of friends to sell more people, more room for choice.. Why not buy your home ah!

combined with a lot of white micro business regardless of the consequence, a mad brush up Kaka card, so many users intense dislike for micro business, even see micro business quietly shielding shuabing. Iniesta derivative also not understand the whole editor, complaining about not to do business, in fact, let alone the user shielding you, some of the contents of the official WeChat has done a technical treatment, friends had not to see your fat content…

2014 I think, micro business as the main sales agent to sell, are fake gao". Because the initial micro consumer groups are not the largest ordinary customers, but all want to do micro dealer dealers. Different customers, naturally there are different sales model. So we see everywhere explosion models, there were all sorts of artifact, everywhere is a variety of chicken soup to our stockpile. This is a natural, it will happen, is in line with the laws of the economy. But this situation is bound to someone to pay, which is the bottom of the dealer. So people continue to give up micro business, while consumers have begun to calm down, no longer believe that the micro business side. By the end of 2014, with the Tencent Inc blocked a large number of non-standard micro signal providers, micro providers barbaric growth era has announced the end. For new entrants, trying to rely on the layers of the stockpile, expected million per month can only be a "willful" dream. Farewell to the concept of marketing, micro business has also entered the era of plough. So in 2015, micro business transformation does not die.

2015 has come, this year’s micro market competition is bound to be more intense, then, how to play this year, micro business to make money?

The first part: the selection of

Take the

mask, reported on the name of at least hundreds of brands, with micro taking up brand, such as the ten year old beauty, Si Bu and Belem; there are the traditional chiefs approach snatch, such as Han, Han beam etc.. Do the boys derivative, in the face of so many of your brand is not directly dizzy, hell which

do to make money?

some people say that the traditional big name, then I’m here to tell you some truth.

1, the traditional big brands seem to be more powerful, know more people, but you know that the traditional brand of micro business agency funding threshold is high, you have to prepare a lot of money to enter. Otherwise, no one will take you to play.. Do low level agents and simply do not make money, the opportunity to make good money wasted

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