night because the speed is very slow, so today at 6 a.m. in the morning to update the site, then 7:30 after breakfast and went out, today’s task is to take the goods, and before starting a clothing factory appointment today to see if they fit, just not far from the garment factory clothing wholesale city, if we are going to dress the city take summer back factory goods doesn’t fit you.

to the factory, to visit the factory, about the production process of clothing, and prices, but unfortunately do not plant styles that we want to get the goods, so the final decline, but later can do it, can give up their publishing production, still say the harvest, at least know some clothes factory price is so favorable, after getting goods still is a clothing factory, but before did not find a suitable factory we will first get some goods in the clothing wholesale city.

go to the wholesale city than before the first experienced a lot, and also familiar with the place, potentially saving a lot of time, time to use the selected goods, the goods than the first time, people feel a lot less, in a lot of sales clerk in the call, feeling very uncomfortable, or love many people feel, at least not so eye accumulation in his body, after all, we are not so thin skinned or business person. This time we took the cart, but also took the sack, but you do not think that the wholesale shop owner to see you take these things you will give you the wholesale price. At the beginning we asked how this batch of clothes? Then owner readily took a price, then we say that the boss you kidding, this batch of clothes the price? I do the clothing business for so many years, the clothes are not one or two times, you have to give a price sincerity sell. It seems that the boss feels that we have some experience, and then the price dropped a few dollars. In fact, we think that they will not cut prices, because the first time we take the goods, basically do not speak down, down to about 2 yuan. But this time we are very surprised, it is more than the first progress. But clothing wholesale clothes are getting goods from clothing factory, if can be directly related to garment factory goods, that is a price advantage, this is our goal, we could not have been in the wholesale goods, we have been actively looking for manufacturers.

after a few hours of selection, the final choice of 17 women wear short sleeved T-shirt, feel the style than the first to get the goods more beautiful, he is more satisfied. I believe the future will be a good. Always have to pay some fees, it is impossible to step in place, the accumulation of experience is more important.

During the day

day basically is spent on goods, home has 6 points, a little rest, and then to take back the registration statistics today because of clothes, sit for several hours in the car, so the night you want to have a rest, the Department of "happiness Wedding 2010" movie give yourself, relax. We should learn from the Jews, people can not always busy, every day should have their own time to rest. I don’t agree with all the time in the work, this is not good for the body, so it is recommended that you say this.

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