financial storm struck, the domain name as one of the Internet based products have not been spared. According to foreign statistics agency report released in early November 2008, at the beginning of November 2008, the United States COM domain within a week time minus 150 thousand, and in December and has two times of negative growth of the international domain name Zhou Bao, depression status of Internet based services industry is so remarkable.

in Chinese, many of the old international domain name registrars growth also slowed down significantly, and show weakness. But even in such a market environment, with a good reputation caused by the long-term stability of quality service, Beijing still maintained a strong growth momentum, continue to rank the forefront of global net growth rate in the international domain name.

February 2009 according to’s latest report shows that the new network of international domain name ownership has exceeded one million mark, whether international domain growth or international domain name ownership, Beijing dominating the domestic top, shows the extraordinary strength.


(Webhosting latest international domain name to maintain the global ranking table)

about new network:

new network ( was founded in 1993, in 1999 began to enter the Internet based services market, is one of the first access to ICANN and CNNIC authorized service agencies. The new network has long been based on the Internet based services industry, to provide our clients with domain name registration, virtual hosting, enterprise email, VPS and hosting hosting and other services.

new network has been able to excellent quality and service to win the recognition and trust of consumers, thus laying a solid foundation for the development of the new network. At present, the new network has set up 30 branches in the country, with more than 10000 core channel partners, has more than 1 million domestic enterprises and institutions to provide information based application services.

Beijing general manager Mr. Wang Jian said: the results represent the past, in the future, the new network sincerely hope to work together in the 2009 with the majority of customers, and strive to consolidate the leading position in the China basic information application services, to contribute to the development of China basic information application service


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