in the West African state of Senegal opened a company called "Yes WeSell" special business platform, the platform sellers are serving prisoners, goods shelves by their hand-made categories related to works of art, furniture, handicrafts, etc..



Yes WeSell" was founded in January 1, 2016, founder of Moctar Cissé the father is one of the guards, so he is very understanding of prison life. Most prisoners out of prison after it is difficult to adapt to the outside life, looking for a job has become a major problem. So Cissé decided to use his computer skills to help inmates solve the pain points. In fact, as early as a year ago, he has proposed the idea of the creation of the platform, but after a series of exchanges with the Senegal prison administration, prisoners, the site in the near future proud on-line. This is the first in Senegal to help solve the economic problems of prisoners for the purpose of electronic business platform. The platform is committed to the pursuit of prisoners’ rights to survive, through the Internet technology to help them get back to the social opportunities and entrepreneurial dreams.

currently, the platform provides paintings in the price of 35000 to 80000 between West African francs (RMB 281 ~ $872), some goods are discounted.

in recent years, the Internet has been infiltrated into various sectors of the industry, the electricity supplier companies eyeing this easy to ignore the opportunity is not a coincidence. There is a product from the prison to sell the electricity supplier platform, there will be a platform to sell the product to prison inmates.

, for example, is a "new thing" for the "fighting nation" russians. In order to simplify the prison inside and outside communication, Russian Federation Prison Administration (FSIN) and several partners for prisoners to provide network services, among them, FSIN-Zakaz is the largest one, since the prison and the cooperation, the company 8 months sales doubled in the same period last year, reaching 69 thousand and 100. The most popular commodities including mineral water, cola, chocolate bars and Black Tea, deodorant, best-selling books is "Russian Criminal Law".


at the end of 2015, India Karnataka prison departments in the planning and Flipkart (India’s largest e-commerce retailers) and Amazon and other e-commerce platform for cooperation, sales of Bangalore Parappana Agrahara central prison inmates production goods. Prison director general Pant pointed out: "we don’t want them to go out to continue after the crime, besides, it is also a kind of rational utilization of labor resources in a way." At present, the production of the product sales of 60 million rupees (about $5 million 830 thousand), once the product line, the value is also expected to soar.

visible, electricity providers everywhere in the dark style of the world is also applicable. Similarly, dark >

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