I world network operators catering to the O2O, the standard of quality and the attendant management is not open around the core issue, because they directly to consumers. Restaurant owners to understand, in addition to the interests of the driver, but also a management system to allow the waiter to promote the effective operation of the O2O process. In this regard, Amoy little sister and the management of the way the sea was recognized by the public.

text / Wu Yuan


server dining O2O not open around the core

2014 passed, after the Spring Festival, the first day of work, a big problem encountered is difficult to eat. Why? Because most restaurants did not open the door! Many restaurants have to wait until after the Lantern Festival to open the door, some even later, is the biggest reason: after difficult to recruit staff. This is also the general situation of the traditional industry labor shortage, and this year the situation seems to be more serious. The impact of the eight countries continue to deepen, and the cost of labor is also increasing year by year. Around catering practitioners are complaining to open a restaurant to close down is not in the minority.

we all know to keep up with the progress of the times, catering to O2O, but the fact is that the road to go on the O2O is not as easy to write on paper. Even if the boss of the Internet O2O consciousness, but to convey to the following practical management and execution to the restaurant, a lot of problems, the quality standard and the attendant management, is a core issue is not open around.

many years ago, when the wine business oriented restaurant drinks distribution, restaurant owners are very welcome you to sell cheap wine to sell me, my customers, I would certainly be happy. But the fact is not as smooth as the wine dealers thought, the wine was put on the counter, and did not let sales soared, but soon filled with dust on the bottle. Although the wine cheap wine to the restaurant, also have a certain sales reward to the restaurant, but it seems can not afford to hook enthusiasm of the restaurant, after all, not the restaurant owner of the bank to sell drinks. Until there is a clever wine maker found the key in the restaurant waiter, to come up with a coup, that through the restaurant to sell drinks become effective way. The method is to let the wine salesman to sell wine, wineries in order to recover the bottle cap as a basis, get a rebate to the waiter, such as a beer bottle cap can be opened for 1 yuan. On the one hand, it can be proved that the wine has been sold, because the bottle cap has been opened, on the other hand also mobilized the enthusiasm of the waiter. Because the restaurant waiter belonging to low wage earners, can earn a block is a block, of course they are willing to cooperate with the stem. Later, many wine merchants are in this way to sell wine to the restaurant.

so, we as consumers, restaurants often can realize two kinds of circumstances: one is the waiter on a dozen bottles of beer, will ask consumers to fully open, as long as consumers, the waiter said nothing.

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