Abstract: in 2015, China’s used car market has less than 6% is completed through the line, the corresponding online used car transactions amounted to $30 billion 700 million, the market is still not into the outbreak period. For the use of such a large and heavy car market, to cultivate a more extensive online buying habits, at least have to burn more than $1 billion.



Focus Media is a super sales staff, he is very good at selling skills: with the Target Corp about its rival’s advertising strategy, and expounds the necessity to follow up as soon as possible. You can imagine boldly, Jason Jiang saw excellent letter CEO Dai Kun and all car founder Li Jian, will a literary cavity say: "the seeds of second-hand car Hao Yang Chung is such a burn: 1…… 2…… 3…… If you don’t follow up, it will be difficult to catch up when it builds a brand advantage……"

The 2011

group purchase the most fierce burn burn war, several are hung up, but the Focus Media earn pours. In 2014 and the first half of 2015, the field of life services O2O have access to financing, large advertising campaign, to the second half of 2015 after the bones of countless, but "selling" (advertising) Focus Media has become a big winner.

Jiangnanchun to sell advertising that a script is tested, and indeed there is a high level of spring. In addition, the more important reason is: entrepreneurial innovation, China type universal quick success, as the main play to extensive marketing drive; in the capital also pay attention to short-term data, and often ignore the long-term sustainability, further make the value of distortion.

O2O used car electricity supplier market is entering a value distortion stages: one is the winter capital, financing is not easy under the condition of the play in the burn war; two is the second-hand car trading belongs to the category of heavy weight decision, the supply side of the bottleneck has been solved, but the user’s online decision habit is far from being three; is the second-hand car and standard low customer price of commodities, trust and standard is a more important factor than the price.

might be the result of capital cold winter to play the burn wars, or burn others, or burn yourself. To burn the competition, have more than competitors, but to. More money than others, in the case of all losses, only with the support of capital. So, who in the capital level to get more support, who are big. However, the current environment, the capital side is relatively cautious, it is impossible to give too high valuations, in fact, melon seeds used cars, excellent letter, all cars, cars and other difficult to get the ideal shot valuation.

an online market is going to explode, depending on the two ends: first, there must be enough supply, the two is to have enough online users. On the supply side, in 2015 China’s car ownership reached 172 million units, according to the China Automobile Dealers Association data estimates in 2015 China’s second-hand car trading volume of more than 9 million, turnover of more than 550 billion. It should be said that the supply side of the used car market, the bottleneck has been basic >

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