in 2007, a chapter of history and Everything looks fresh and gay., will open a new page for the development of the market, the wheels rolling forward, with China’s IDC industry continues to mature, as a change of technology change rapidly in the industry, IDC business is also in constant development and change. According to the survey data show that by 2010, China’s IDC market is expected to reach 10 billion yuan.

recently titled "the new pattern of Telecom and Internet platform layout –2007 Internet layout seminar held in Beijing, around the characteristics of development, the current Internet business Internet business platform layout, and the development of next generation IDC and other hot issues and the focus of attention, the domestic well-known telecommunications expert, large website management, enterprise network managers gathered for the communication and exchange of valuable and high practical. The Ministry of information industry academy of Telecommunications Policy Research Institute, Dr. Chen Jinqiao also spoke at the meeting.

is not due to network bandwidth optimization, service response speed, and Telecom, Netcom north south problem, the virus, the face of the peak value of network access, many enterprises have encountered performance and bandwidth bottlenecks, resulting in inefficient communication and collaboration, business development support ability is insufficient, resulting in a poor user experience, access delay unable to browse, the problem of declining customer satisfaction. In 2007, the concept of consumer demand for backup is getting higher and higher, the importance of data redundancy is increasingly reflected, therefore, the network provides a free hosting NAS backup system for each user. Its mobile IDC is not only the only choice for 3G, but also the preferred SP/GPRS.


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