mall, and other Jingdong leading electricity supplier will look from the price war to "value war", let the pursuers saw an opportunity. Starting today, the United States will launch a new round of price war. The reporters found that, shop No. 1,, and other second tier providers will also be in April as a big promotion period. In the mall, and other Jingdong business trying to profit during the transition period, second tier electricity providers have campaign to seize market share.

It is reported that

, the Gome’s strongest anniversary month span for a month, and will reach a peak in the 18 month anniversary of the day. According to a person close to the United States online sources, Gome online to put the "4· 18" into Taobao and "double 11" singles day, Jingdong mall "6· 18 anniversary promotion shake promotions feast.

is not only the United States online,, shop No. 1, and and other commercial enterprises have also set off the promotional frenzy in April. Dangdang relevant responsible person said, the use of spring and summer this point of promotion, to avoid Taobao’s winter and autumn big promotion, and create their own promotional brand. In fact, after last year’s big promotion, Jingdong, mall and other electricity providers giant invariably began to weaken the price war, will be the focus of development to enhance the profitability and return to the user experience level. Because of the large electric mall including Jingdong and, will this year as the year of change.

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