April 8th news, according to the global market research firm Research and Markets report on the Middle East B2C electricity supplier market, after several years of development, the United Arab Emirates has become the largest electricity supplier in the Middle East market B2C. In addition to B2C electricity supplier sales ranked first in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates electricity supplier infrastructure is also in a leading position.

it is reported that, in order to promote the development of B2C electricity supplier, the United Arab Emirates in the smart phone, the Internet, pay Karp rate and so did a lot of improvement. With the increase in the number of online shopping, the United Arab Emirates in 2014 to 2019 during the B2C electricity supplier turnover will grow three times.

in addition, billion state power network from the report found that in the past few years has launched a series of measures to promote the development of the electricity supplier, Saudi Arabia business development by leaps and bounds, become the second largest B2C electricity market in the middle east. Among them, Saudi Arabia’s mobile electricity supplier has great potential for development. From last year’s data, Saudi Arabia has more than 2/3 people through smart phones online shopping.

in Qatar, although the vast majority of residents can access the Internet, but the number of online shopping accounted for less than 20%. Consumer survey results show that online commodity prices are the biggest factor affecting the net purchase of consumers, if the price of online shopping goods cheaper than the first store, there will be more people willing to buy online.

in addition, billion state power network learned in other countries in the Middle East, Bahrain is the B2C electricity market the fastest growing countries. At the same time, due to the emergence of a large number of emerging electricity providers in recent years, Iran start-up companies, Iran’s online retail environment has also been improved.

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