with the summer coming, now online friends more and more choice, fresh in the near future, with the major electricity supplier Tmall, Jingdong on the fresh industry to enter the stage of rapid development, the industry gradually into the pursuit of fresh. An industry analyst said: the big electricity supplier platform marks the beginning of fresh electricity supplier from the vertical field, into the scale of the expansion of a new stage, the development of fresh electricity supplier is therefore speed. Fresh electricity supplier mainly refers to the way through e-commerce to sell fresh food.

fresh and home appliances, clothing and other industries is different, fresh food industry on the speed of delivery of goods and freshness requirements are very high, which is fresh industry has not been an important reason for good development. Now, with the rapid development of cold chain logistics, electricity providers have begun to attack fresh market. Fresh market is a very good opportunity for development, but the United States, there are shortcomings, the development speed of the cold chain is still far from mature, want to get a very good development is not a simple matter in fresh industry.

day before the news that Tmall also officially announced the first test the water fresh cold chain logistics, will provide supporting services for the fresh fruit cold chain distribution ", covering Shanghai to the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen Hangzhou, Chongqing and other 26 popular online shopping city. Changzhou is also one of the first batch of pilot city Tmall cold chain logistics, the Tmall test action is a deep understanding of the fresh industry, in the end the development of cold chain can meet fresh industry needs? Now also can make nothing of it, some industry analysts said, fresh industry just looks beautiful. In the face of this argument, the electricity supplier who can help other platforms will be a good development of fresh industry go on?

industry insiders believe that the development of fresh industry is affected by many factors, including factors of geographical restrictions will seriously restrict the development of fresh industry, high demands on the time of the fresh, we all know, like the leafy vegetables, timeliness is not high enough if it is difficult to do a very good preservation effect. In response to this problem, the electricity supplier can only be taken close to the hands of customers quickly. Make long-distance customers can not order.

following C2C, B2C, B2B mode, O2O mode with the rise of mobile providers are also gradually born and popular. O2O can be combined with the next line of business opportunities with the Internet, so that the Internet has become the front line trading. Recently, with the rapid development of mobile Internet, which may also become one of the thrust of the fresh industry.

A5 (http://s.www.admin5.com) station network editors think: now with the rapid development of mobile Internet and O2O mode quickly, fresh electricity can make use of this two kinds of favorable platform will develop fresh industry very good. For fresh market, I personally think fresh electricity supplier in this industry has broad prospects for development. At the same time, with the electricity supplier to the fresh industry to enter, the development of cold chain logistics will also be a good platform for the development of fresh market expansion.

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