is usually half male and half female, the game began with a large proportion of women, shopping 60%. The beginning of the game is the largest trading volume.

just this past weekend, many small and medium business owners gathered in Guangzhou, "lectures".

this is the China forum of small and medium-sized enterprises, the organizers have invited people including Li Peigen, vice president of Alibaba Chinese academician Tu son Pei, and the Ministry of industrial policy secretary and other government officials. Can accommodate thousands of people in the hall full of people, a little late to only stand in the back.

This is the small and medium-sized enterprise Alibaba

, vice president of Tu son Pei speech is very down to earth. He spent a lot of space to introduce Alibaba launched a new platform last year, Amoy factory". The big data experts also told business owners, Taobao platform data show that men see a woman online shopping. "Data is the past, but the future."

Amoy factory to help enterprises transition

Amoy factory is doing what? By Tu son Pei’s words, the Taobao business moved to the Internet, the factory moved to the Internet Amoy factory. The buyer is looking for a factory in the factory, then orders, production.

he cited a case. Dongguan a foreign trade clothing processing factory, the order is less and less, increasing profit margins low, last year to try to join the Amoy factory, on this platform only half a year, do business volume 2 million 800 thousand, last year was the 100 customer, this year there are 270 customers, 85% customers orders, 50% customers turn single, sales this year is expected to exceed 15 million.

officially launched in March last year, scouring the factory platform currently has 1 enterprises settled, there are more than 30 thousand active buyers, the average daily turnover of about $5 million.

scouring factory is based on the Internet of flexible manufacturing, he reflects a trend of personalized customization: multi platform, multi style, fast renovation, small batch. In Dongguan, a clothing processing plant, for example, they sold 20 million of foreign trade in 2013, which is behind the product of the first half of the shipment is now half or 150 thousand, but sales reached 15 million. This means that the profit of each product is higher than before. The first single volume was originally an average of 3000, now is the 100 piece.


from the seller’s perspective, Sichuan Chengdu a sell cotton, embroidery clothing company in the "double 11" can not find a suitable factory for his production, because they are not the same grade of production products for the same style, for the coverage of these grades, he needs to find a different factory for him the production, and finally they found these factories in Amoy platform factory.

inventory is the key word of traditional enterprises. As a result of scouring the factory, buyers can find a number of factories to achieve rapid delivery, even if the need for large shipments, can also be completed within 7 ~ 10 days. The dynamic matching of sales and production can greatly reduce inventory.

big factories also

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