recently all day watching you to write articles, I haven’t had my article, today suddenly want to discuss a problem with you: if you apply for a domain name that has been K, you are giving up or sticking to


last September when happy net the very fire, I discovered that a happy net Raiders website isn’t going to do a lot of their own, to apply for a domain name website, happy net fun. After doing a good job, this time I did not go directly to the collection, but in my station to do a connection, found that a few days Google included, he was very happy, waiting for Baidu. But wait for more than a month, Baidu has nothing to do. I suddenly realized that there is a problem, I went to Baidu to know the answer to other people’s questions and then bring their own web site, the results of a connection, K a. Finally know that this domain name may be K. I do not know how to do, because I am a novice, had not encountered such a situation. At that time, still insist on update, but Baidu is still not included, but also dozens of IP goole every day, so we insist on update. To some time ago Baidu suddenly put out a few pages, the day than usual dozen dozen IP, I thought that Baidu began to let go of my domain name, who knows second days those pages are gone. His white a happy, like a domain name but I don’t think a lot of people say, I have no money to buy the domain name, the domain name also feel good, so kept on, now every day from IP to more than and 300, basically is from Google, Baidu recently released my home, do not know is not a few days back, but these are not important, I adhere to the update, I believe that Baidu would take me.

last year bought two names are K, another, now I also adhere to update, I believe will be touched by the sincerity of the Baidu spider, as long as I do not do evil, Baidu recorded my recovery sooner or later, don’t know everyone’s opinions and suggestions are very much like to hear your? Sincere opinion.

below is my statistics

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