days ago, Beijing Haidian law enforcement officers and the group purchase website 24 coupons, one big reason is that 24 coupons held 1 yuan pumping 280 thousand yuan worth of diamonds, jewelry, allegedly in order to draw in the form of issuing and selling lottery tickets, in violation of the "lottery management approach", diamond jewelry as a prize violation the provisions of the "Anti Unfair Competition Law" in the top prize of not more than 5000 yuan.

"IT times" reporter survey found that not only 24 coupons, QQ buy and other sites to buy lottery tickets are suspected of issuing and selling lottery tickets. In addition to many group purchase website sweepstakes way opaque, netizens accused dodgy.

paid sweepstakes alleged violations

From the beginning of

before and after the new year, group purchase websites have set off a wave of lottery prizes from the wind, train tickets, bus tickets to iPhone4, and then to the car, house, group purchase websites have attract users registered with zero yuan lottery, increase site traffic. Among them, the pull of the net pumping house and mission treasure network of train tickets, air tickets to attract about 1000000 people to participate, but also for the site to make enough traffic and popularity.

then there are some sites launched a 1 yuan lottery or $0.01 lottery. Daily economic news reporter noted that QQ buy from April 8th onwards for a period of 0.01 yuan a month pumping BMW X1 sedan, as of April 26th at 10, there are 9775 people involved. Full room network also launched the May Day lucky attack, thousands of hotels live for three days sweepstakes, each person can only spend $1 to draw, as of April 26th, also attracted the participation of 2440 people.


is free to draw to, do not violate the law, but whether it is 0.01 yuan or 1 yuan, although the amount is not much, obviously belongs to a disguised way of issuing and selling lottery tickets, in violation of the" lottery management measures "provisions on only in the national lottery center, Chinese welfare in heart will have the right to issue lottery tickets." Shanghai Dabang lawyer lawyer You Yunting told "IT times" reporter.

draw impartiality questioned

Most of the

site in the group purchase lottery draws held at the same time, in order to show the fairness of the lottery, will use a lottery number or stock index combined with the random number number of lottery winners to calculate the number, in order to show justice. Insiders have told reporters that the number of participants to buy the site lottery business is completely operational, so this is completely fair in the end, it is hard to say.

Just now more and more

group purchase website sweepstakes questioned, the 24 lottery coupons group purchase website, the website shows all prizes were randomly selected from 24 coupons notary full supervision ", which makes people feel the 24 securities companies not only do the athletes and referees, just what? According to reports, when Beijing industrial and commercial Department of the 24 ticket website, ask the site for people with the Diamond Award winners, the person in charge has been an excuse to shirk.

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