May 6th news, today is the third day of the opening of the International Wine Festival Jingdong, the reporter learned that, in just the past two days, Jingdong wine day sales day before the start of the event to achieve explosive growth. During the activities of the major stores overlay preferential policies so that many high-end wine are showing the people first price, consumers are to achieve parity to embrace the famous wine.

reporter open Jingdong wine festival event page found that the network network flagship store in the sale of an original price of 429 yuan in the red Wine Penfolds BIN389 cumulative preferential after the final purchase price of 269 yuan, the mid priced wine Penfolds pulled to parity queue. It is understood that the network network also went on sale two days between once boarded the sales champion throne, sales growth of 1800% more than usual.

parity large circulation wine popular

The Jingdong

International Wine Festival wine include almost all wine brands at home and abroad, from the domestic and abroad in the Great Wall, Lafite, concha, Penfolds, complete category, everything. Dozens of explosive products so that consumers dizzying, the price of up to hundreds of yuan, thousands of yuan of French wines now only hundreds, tens of dollars, unprecedented efforts. The survey found that, compared to the higher price of wine Zhuang, consumers seem to prefer the price of wine in the big circulation between 100-200.

is a set of data from the network network show that the discount price of less than 100 yuan in the Chilean dry red devil series and the price of 250 yuan of the Penfolds bin series is the most popular wine shop. During the event, each full 300 minus 60, full of less than $600, while the coupon coupon discount of less than 400 of the total discount of up to 100 of the intensity of the original price is not high, more close to the people of the people of more than 150.

data show that during the network network once boarded the Jingdong Wine sales champion, two days of sales are in the top three. Only the first day of sales growth over the previous day, more than 1800%, the average customer price doubled, visitors increased by an increase of 663%, affordable price of the people in exchange for a win-win situation for businesses and consumers.

wine market calls for value regression

China consumer market is quietly a consumption structure change, 80 after 90 gradually grew into the society in power consumption, the consumption of a huge crowd, and a chase wine personalized, quality, and advocating the value equivalence, focus on cost.

at the same time, cross-border electricity supplier tax reform and the introduction of a series of new market situation, is expected to open a new situation in China’s wine consumption market. Jingdong is actively preparing for the Wine global procurement business, Ali will build September 9th Tmall Wine Festival, including the network network, COFCO Chateau Hui, vertical wine deep overseas high-quality wine region, to global quality Wine brand directly to the consumer before Chinese.

it is understood that, in order to select the best quality wine in the world, while creating more suitable for

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