Beijing on February 3rd news, recently, on the Internet a China decimal network address enabled message caused controversy, referred to as farce, much raise a Babel of criticism of. Associated with the decimal network of institutions that are currently being developed to ".China" end of the domain name, used to distribute to the domestic website. In this regard, netizens and insiders have questioned, and pointed out that ".China" is not a domain name, and there are two congenitally deficient: the law neither obtained legislative approval of the Ministry of information industry, technology is not compatible with the global network, contrary to the basic spirit of Internet interconnection.

and these two precisely the two essential requirements of the domain name. More people claim that this is the two congenitally deficient bane, will lead to ".China" aborted, become a farce advance.

experts point out that the so-called "decimal" ".China" is technically absurd. After more than and 10 years of rapid development of the Internet, can have today’s prosperity, and the Internet, the global interconnection of the domain name system is inseparable. A top-level domain to use up, must go to the root of the Internet to register, and to analysis into the current Internet system, the top-level domain of countries and regions had according to ISO3106 in the countries of the English referred to develop and obtain global recognition. From the current.China disclosure of information, the use of.China domain name can only be accessed in a closed LAN, for the global Internet users is a self enclosed information islands. In today’s globalization, this approach is clearly a historical setback, there are Internet users said, "such pseudo domain names who will go to use?".

according to domain experts, at present China’s domain name managed by the Ministry of information industry in accordance with the regulations, two of the most authoritative, the 2004 implementation of the "measures" the administration of Internet domain names and China 2006 "People’s Republic of China Ministry of information industry on the Internet domain name system Chinese notice" provisions of the China Internet domain name system so far so far only: the top-level domain.CN and "Chinese", "company" and "network" three Chinese top-level domain. These domain names constitute China’s Internet domain name system, in addition, any name in the name of China are illegal domain name. Experts pointed out that, due to the.China domain name does not comply with the relevant regulations of the Ministry of information industry, disrupting the domestic domain name system, once the official launch will be stopped by the competent authorities.

at the same time, as the identity of the.China R & D institutions have been questioned. According to media and domain experts in Shenyang investigation and disclosure, the publicity of the "China decimal network security administration", is not listed in the central organization committee of the state organs and institutions list. Is listed in the official website of the Ministry of information industry organization section, the same can not find the administration, and the official website also does not have any news about decimal network put into use. Analysts believe that the operating agencies in their own

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