yesterday, the tiger sniffing network news, acquired by WAL-MART in 2012 1 to prepare bondage again, then set for Huarun, a time triggered the discussion. Reporters were immediately linked business network to Huarun, one shop, WAL-MART PR person confirmation, the three parties have denied the authenticity of the message.

source "shop No. 1 for bondage again?" the article pointed out that WAL-MART to offer peace after the shop No. 1 is not a complete original shop No. 1, the total assets of 1 stores including proprietary B2C, open platform No. 1 mall, logistics company, WAL-MART in the hands of only self B2C. In addition, pointed out that the 1 store market last year had put the cost as high as 1 billion but brought transactions limited help, and logistics loss more serious, caused the collapse of WAL-MART’s overall performance, so that WAL-MART is not satisfied.

In addition the

path analysis, shop No. 1 in WAL-MART is through the Internet to reach Chinese consumers, online supply chain running way with heavy losses and perplexing equity relationship, and finally let WAL-MART powerless.

Although the above analysis of the

model has a sample, but the parties involved in the three party companies have denied the authenticity of the message, said it was a fake news. Huarun PR 10000 told United Business Network reporter, did not receive this message, has not received any notice on the matter, it is a fool’s day message. Shop No. 1 United business network public relations to reporters that the news department of false news, seriously affect the relationship between the 1 store and WAL-MART, related websites have asked to delete the original. WAL-MART PR told reporters, did not hear the news.

reporter access, as early as July this year, there will be WAL-MART plans to sell 1 to Huarun, the rumor, then shop No. 1 also did a rumor clarification. Statistics show that the 1 store is part of WAL-MART’s global e-commerce business, WAL-MART International President and CEO David · Chess Wright (David Cheesewright) also served as WAL-MART China business shop No. 1 director.

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