in the first quarter, before the earnings report published in two, Chinese Alibaba and Jingdong still maintains a business turnover of more than 40% growth rate. The two giants also believe that China’s electricity supplier market in the next few years will continue to maintain rapid development, will continue to actively invest.

at the same time, the State Council issued the electricity supplier, the country eight, to vigorously develop e-commerce, e-commerce barriers to reduce access, will stimulate the electricity supplier industry to further warming.

two largest electricity supplier in the first quarter results

Jingdong: net income of 36 billion 600 million yuan (about $5 billion 900 million), an increase of 62%; a quarter net loss of 710 million 200 thousand yuan (about 114 million 600 thousand dollars), over the same period last year net loss of 3 billion 795 million yuan, up narrowed.

Alibaba: revenue amounted to 17 billion 425 million yuan ($2 billion 811 million), an increase of 45% over the same period last year, net profit of $2 billion 869 million ($463 million), down 49%.

Guangzhou daily news (reporter Xue Song) according to the National Bureau of statistics released on the data show that in 2015 1~3 months, the national online retail sales 631 billion yuan, up 41%. The market has been basically two Alibaba and Jingdong. The growth point of view, the Alibaba first quarter (fourth quarter) trading volume (GMV) increased by 40%, while the gyeongdong quarterly earnings growth of 99%, which reached more than two times the industry average growth rate. After the Spring Festival is the low tide of the retail industry, electricity providers still maintained a high growth in the off-season, showing its strong development momentum.

from last year, the Jingdong in the net income of RMB 115 billion yuan more than last year, Suning online and offline business income of 109 billion 116 million yuan, and the net income of the Jingdong to maintain a high growth rate year-on-year growth of 66%, Suning 2014 net revenue increased by only 3.63%.

two strong hegemony pattern

in the field of electronic commerce and the Alibaba and Jingdong group two giant hegemony pattern, Chinese largest electricity supplier Alibaba to take the third party platform model, and the Jingdong adopted similar to Amazon’s proprietary business model, but the latter is also introduced in the third party platform, to narrow the gap between the two.

trading volume from the two companies, Jingdong in the first quarter of 2015 GMV (trading) reached 87 billion 800 million yuan (about $14 billion 200 million), an increase of 99%. Throughout 2014, Jingdong’s GMV growth rate of 107%, almost double the rate of advance, the momentum is very fierce.

although in absolute terms, in the past quarter, Jingdong and Alibaba GMV were 87 billion 800 million yuan, $600 billion 100 million, Jingdong is only 14.6% of ali. However, according to the current growth rate, Jingdong will further narrow the gap with Ali in the future.

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