NetEase science and technology news May 11th news, today, the reputation of the launch of the first O2O business growth solutions, from traffic, content and membership of three levels to help businesses. At the same time, in order to support businesses, will be implemented in the settled, flow completely free policy, free period tentatively for three years.

at the same time, the recent reputation in the Alipay App also launched the latest version of personalized intelligent recommendation version of word of mouth.

low price is no longer the only merchant drainage content, good shops, products and other content is the flow." Word of mouth company CEO Chi Chi said that in the future, businesses can also interact with customers in the chat room, customers and even the network can also interact in the chat room for the store to create new and interesting dining experience.

Fan Chi also said that in addition to paying members, namely traffic, backed by the Alibaba and the ant payment service reputation platform, will also open a lot of ability within its ecosystem for businesses, including business center, online retail, consumer finance, credit risk control etc..

at present, the number of merchants reputation platform more than 80, in March the average daily trading pen more than 5 million 500 thousand pen. The number of businesses increase over 10 times, the number of transactions increased by 20 times.

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