March 31st morning news, officially announced today, will open for the first time for the global Taobao data, Taobao will be in accordance with the principle of hierarchical open Taobao data, involving macro and barometer of consumer data of Taobao will be free of charge, business data Taobao involves market situation, consumer behavior will open commercially.

it is understood that Taobao’s opening to the world data will have two major principles: first, Taobao data will be layered open; second, the absolute protection of the privacy of consumers or individuals involved in their own data.

in principle, Taobao data will be divided into three aspects: first, open the macro data related to electronic commerce industry, as well as data so that consumers understand the latest consumption indicator, Taobao will be open free of charge policy; second, involved in various industries market, consumer behavior research and other business data, Taobao will be through business open; third, to consumers of personal privacy, business data privacy, Taobao absolute protection, to prevent any leakage.

according to the introduction, the second of the data in the order by way of the package, yet determined the data ordering price.

, according to Taobao insiders, the current relative to the e-commerce company eBay, Amazon, Lotte also open data, open, the largest trading commodity and consumer research including open data standards. While eBay only open transaction data, standardized commodity data is not enough, consumer research data did not open, Lotte is only open to the investigation report and data list ranking, Amazon is an open IT system.

is hoping Advisory President Lv Bowang analysts believe that Taobao accounted for 75% share of China online shopping transactions, Taobao open to the world data, means that individuals and enterprises can be the first time to obtain market data of e-commerce, so that individuals, businesses and enterprises to make reasonable decisions, avoid blind investment and competition in e-commerce.

Taobao open data to the world means that the greater the depth of Taobao strategy. We are more inclined to do the whole of the electronic commerce enterprise water, electricity, coal infrastructure." Alibaba group chairman of the board of directors Ma Yun explained Taobao strategy: "we believe that ten years later, most of the company will become the e-commerce company, we should provide a variety of services to help more enterprises, more entrepreneurs to become the electronic commerce enterprise." (Cui Xi)

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