"double 11" the curtain fell, said this year’s data also broke a number of records, but since the "double 11" and the spread of certain business overseas commodity "fake" rampant, but to cut the hand of the party who could not keep a watchful eye on the ban after receiving the delivery. From this phenomenon, industry experts said, because the online shopping can not see the kind, especially overseas commercial profits, more prone to fake. Ctrip global purchase experts said, with the Internet sea Amoy received after the fake stores and rivalry, it is better to choose "sea" to amoy.

Ctrip global purchase double 11 turnover record breaking

it is understood that, as the leading provider of online travel service, ctrip.com has always been committed to create a set of accommodation, travel, shopping and entertainment in one of the one-stop travel service platform, the global purchase platform is one of the most important parts in this part of the purchase of Ctrip, officially launched on August 2014. Through Ctrip to overseas travel free for guests, the use of global purchase of this platform, can enjoy special overseas brand shopping cash back incentives (the highest return now up to 15%), but also additional exclusive privileges, such as gifts, including gifts, full capacity to send coupons and other benefits. And the VIP service – "Chinese shopping guide, professional consulting etc..

"double 11" on the eve of the global purchase platform Ctrip announced that once again signed a number of cooperative businesses, including domestic tourists like South Korea, Japan Lotte AAS duty-free shops, in addition, the international well-known brands in Hong Kong and Macao titoni, Max & Co., Furla (fulla) and HugoBoss (Hugo Bosch also on the list). A large number of outstanding businesses to join the global purchase platform let Ctrip more users, the data pointed out, "a total of one week before and after the double 11", the global purchase platform total turnover rose 100%, among them, Hongkong, Paris, Seoul three place domestic outbound tourists shopping hot country or region before three a, followed by Singapore, Okinawa, London, Tokyo, Sydney, Barcelona and Milan.

at the same time, Ctrip also announced a "global purchase platform for countries and regions were double 11 during the growth of the top 5, the top five countries are France, Korea, Japan, Singapore and the United Kingdom, France were the fastest growth rate of more than 30%; in the area, the top five in Hongkong, Paris, Tokyo, Singapore and Seoul, Hongkong and Paris are close to 40% growth. In the "double 11" average cost per capita spending list, Paris, New York and London are over 10000, including London’s single highest one-day spending amounted to 200 thousand yuan, but this is not the highest, on November 11th, the "nouveau riche" spent more than 270 thousand yuan in Hongkong, the Chinese outbound shopping desire very much strong.

electricity supplier fake rumors overseas goods or go out to buy a better

according to the national tourism administration figures show that in 2014 the year out of China

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