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network red girls who are most adept at making sound on social media, recently, another star plus network red brush brush circle of friends. Yes, you must have guessed it!


on the evening of December 1st, King Aaron Kwok released a hand in micro-blog photos, and wrote." And then, @ the heroine’s micro-blog. After the king announced romance, "Fang Yuan Xintian Mrs. Wang" identity has gradually surfaced. Allegedly, this 1988 born Shanghai girl is a net red. According to the "world network" to get the news, Fang Yuan was signed to mogujie.com net red.


world network operators" to interview a reticulocyte incubator responsible person, the person said, "she didn’t seem to open shop, red net is identity, help different customers do some promotion. The first is the beach baby, and later signed a contract with Mina model agency."

Fang Yuan has also been a picture of the United States and the United States empty model, a portrait.

Aaron Kwok is not the first to get the red male god. Prior to this, Wang Sicong was photographed with his girlfriend Sydney watch; Show Luo and his girlfriend Zhou Yangqing in Japan to see the cherry blossom is photographed, generous recognition of communication for many years; and 96 years of forest regeneration by pat Network infrared. The heroine of these stories not only has a network of red identity, but also in the Taobao opened a women’s clothing store, as a model and the owner.

Show Luo and

and star love, and "small" scandal, LV, Hermes, gucci xinshounianlai, Italy, Turkey, Japan, all around the world…… These labels marked objects and events, are red in the social network tool to win the eye end, easy to use. Fans not only like to create a network of Red Princess of the world, but also like to focus on the network of red personal life gap. In particular, the star plus net red combination, through the star’s own influence, so that the red sun quickly boarded the top ranked hot.

put aside some took the opportunity to speculation, take advantage of fast money, in the Taobao store business net red is hard, face value and figure is an important element of nature, learn how to interact with the fans, the fans to seize the consumer demand, and let them be most willing to pay, it is the Internet game player to master the skills.

the start empty-handed hard red

when friends get together to around Wang Sicong’s rumored girlfriend Sydney, ridicule Wang Gongzai as in the past stable net red flavor, a whirlpool in the actress, formerly known as Zhu Chenhui Wenzhou girl is Hongkong, for an upcoming new fashion film, micro-blog pictures, every day, till the morning is normal work.

and public awareness in stereotypes, only take the brand, take pictures, do pose "small public act" — "

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