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in the policy prescription net finalized on the eve of the food and medicine division SF established news especially by the parties concerned. SF layout of pharmaceutical logistics has been a long time, this is the industry’s open message. The sale of the upcoming release in the case of prescription drugs under the net, the SF massive intervention in the domestic pharmaceutical electricity supplier is a good thing, as everyone knows, the domestic medical logistics is not perfect in cold chain. The SF has certain basis in this aspect." One medicine network, a person in charge told reporters yesterday in Nandu, said.

it is understood that in the early 2014 cpag pharmaceutical logistics branch meeting, vice president of SF EXPRESS cold transportation division Gong Shunsong has declared: "SF of pharmaceutical logistics vision and mission is to establish a medical logistics system, has become one of the third party medical logistics leader." Nandu reporters yesterday is multi confirmed that SF is currently in the pharmaceutical B 2C distribution, pharmaceutical delivery series project has been started at ease.

pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises in China have 1.65, retail enterprises 14, more than 95% of these companies are small and medium-sized pharmaceutical enterprises, small and medium-sized pharmaceutical enterprises to establish a powerful logistics service system is difficult, need to have the third party logistics enterprise trusteeship.

for pharmaceutical logistics leader

"good luck in the future will build a control link, and R & D turnover box temperature control. There are many patients to the big city hospital, back home for at least two or three days, if the drug is used with refrigeration, temperature control box can help patients take drugs to take home, logistics professional at this time to play a role." This is in 2014 cpag pharmaceutical logistics branch annual meeting, Gong Shunsong revealed to establish the transportation system and transportation system at room temperature. Recently, the two projects have been quietly on the line in the sf.

Nandu reporters yesterday in the SF official website to see the medical delivery series at room temperature and ease medicine medicine control project two, the sending party Zejun needs to provide the "drug production license" and "drug license" or "Internet drug information service qualification certificate", "Internet drug transaction services" qualification certificate and other qualification documents. These two services have been able to achieve national distribution within 48 hours, but not to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and overseas areas to provide services. The temperature control project is "temperature sensitive drug delivery / pharmaceutical industry customers reagents, low temperature transportation of biological samples and other items and through professional packaging and logistics equipment to ensure the goods remain in the transport process in the low temperature range controllable (2 DEG -8 DEG, 15 DEG -25 DEG) fast delivery service, the service can be the temperature distribution of drugs, reagents, body fluids and medical equipment etc..

third party logistics distribution competition intensifies

medicine logistics small and scattered problems for a long time, and with the prescription drug network sales policy finalized, logistics temperature control part of the threshold of this drug has also been mentioned again.

SF bullish on medical logistics market is an open fact. We expected the first SF layout > B

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