yesterday, the Haidian branch of the industrial and commercial network to carry out special campaigns to buy the industry. 24 coupons Beijing buy network was found to be suspected of disguised lottery issue, false propaganda and other alleged illegal business problems. The business sector said that since last January, the first group purchase website online, the domestic group purchase website since the number has reached more than 2000, because of its low barriers to entry, causing the whole quality of the industry is uneven in quality improvement.

Haidian trade and Industry Bureau to check the "24 certificates" Beijing group purchase website company, on its website "to group purchase" column, one 1 yuan in 280 thousand yuan worth of diamond "group purchase information by the Department of industry and Commerce pointed out alleged illegal business.

Haidian industrial and Commercial Bureau law enforcement team leader Liu Yong said that the group purchase is to let consumers spend 1 yuan to buy 1 numbers, after the deadline will buy selected 1 number to get a diamond ring, this behavior belongs to the first prize sales, according to the "Anti Unfair Competition Law stipulates that businesses in the prizes sales and the prize amount shall not exceed 5000 yuan, so the" 24 certificates "group purchase website has been arrested for illegal sales. Secondly, their behavior had constituted "in order to draw in the form of lottery", according to the provisions of July 1, 2009 implementation of the "lottery management regulations", "lottery lottery agency for variety, should be agreed to by the Civil Affairs Department of the State Council or the State Sports Administration audit, the site also does not have the qualification of issuing lottery.

when the business site for personnel required to provide this award winners of the information, the site responsible person repeatedly find excuses.

it is understood that the group is also selling the site at the same time to prevent varicose veins stockings, anti radiation eye drops and other commodities. Industry and Commerce Department believes that, in addition to alleged illegal sales, the site is also suspected of false propaganda". Liu Yong told reporters that the contents of these propaganda have the role of medical devices, if there is no proof of the relevant business, you can not sell these as a selling point.

yesterday evening, reporters once again log 24 coupons when Beijing group found that the industry and Commerce Department found that the alleged illegal buy items have been deleted. However, this does not mean that the problem can buy a site to get a radical cure.

Haidian branch of industry and commerce, said the current group purchase site access threshold is low, a computer, 35 people, a few million to start up the funds can be set up a buy site. This low access threshold, leading the entire industry quality uneven in quality. Along with the increasing number of network group purchase enterprises, the main unknown, unlicensed, false propaganda, consumer rights and other issues will be more and more serious. Industry and commerce departments will jointly relevant law enforcement departments began to buy large scale centralized site.

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