online retail and retail line the gap between the two, in fact, did not imagine so impassable. In particular, the success of the operation of the law has a striking similarity and consistency. So we don’t really need the electronic commerce say so mysterious and dangerous. When people use in the new world with no reality whatever terms to describe the electronic commerce, perhaps in the maze and lose direction. The practitioner who is following the law of success in retail business. The law comes from the real economy.

1, the retailer has a display of goods store

on the Internet, people used to call it e-commerce sites, or shop. Think of the physical retail store, the window is always placed with exquisite products to attract customers into the store. You can see the shelves along the corridor, a superb collection of beautiful things. The display of goods are for the convenience of the customer first purpose.

for e-commerce sites, the back-end and front-end is equally important. You must arrange the supply and distribution of products in order to deliver the goods to consumers in time. Too many e-commerce companies can not go on, because the operator does not operate from the perspective of supply chain. When you buy something, you don’t get it in a reasonable amount of time or if you don’t have it, what happens? In most cases, no matter how sorry you are, the user will never come back. To make matters worse, they also spread the unpleasant shopping experience to more people.

2, retailers love the products they sell

we are in a world where the product is over, why do consumers come to buy from you, instead of buying them elsewhere?. Because you have a unique purchase channels, because your purchase price is lower, because you are familiar with the products and related peripheral products, it is because of your passion. Your sales, because it as a cause, give all your enthusiasm. If this is the case, it is not difficult to succeed.

3, the retailer’s store must be clean and tidy, giving consumers a good shopping experience

too many e-commerce sites do not care about a good shopping experience. For example, you can see some channels are still under construction; such as the website to take care of others, the service attitude of indifference; rough, such as crashes frequently; such as there has not a link. All of this undermines the consumer’s shopping experience.

so the site must be professional image, functional, well maintained, these are the first step to establish the trust of buyers. You have to let visitors know about your company and products before they go shopping.

4, retailers trying to make attractive shop, on the best way to display goods

browsing convenience is very important for e-commerce sites. Visitors, like the need to find and browse the virtual corridor, must be displayed in an orderly, easy to search, logical. It is necessary to observe the goods conveniently, and at the same time

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