central broadcasting network Beijing on October 23rd news Chinese according to the voice of "global Chinese radio network" reported, "double eleven" again, in a new round of fighting online shopping before the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued opinions in advance, increase penalties for illegal sales of substandard goods to give the.

in accordance with the "opinions", the network illegal sale of substandard goods, will be ordered to immediately stop selling, delete illegal goods information, to endanger personal and property safety and dangerous goods do not conform to the compulsory standards, also requires a network trading platform provider for shielding illegal shops or immediately stop providing services, merchandise information the related commodity trading platform. Last year, double eleven, some shops return rate close to 70%, staggering. The "opinion" is put forward, and severely punish network false and illegal advertising, false advertising, trademark infringement, direct selling and illegal pyramid schemes and other network trading violations and false authentication, network scalping and other typical fried believe network involving consumer fraud, illegal acts according to law against online shopping seven days no reason to return, consumer protection of personal information, customer service repair the replacement services are against the interests of consumers.

yes, online shopping more lively and affordable, is about the rules! We look at other countries, if the consumer online shopping to substandard goods or fake goods do? Convenient? Is there pay a compensation system? How to regulate the electricity supplier responsibility, ensure the quality of the goods? Went to Australia to see, where the general online merchants to provide a month or three months of return period, the specific time by businesses in the return policy of the internet. Most businesses will unconditionally return within the prescribed time limit.

Australia observer Hu Fang recently experienced such a return: "I am half a month ago in Australia a well-known appliance’s online store to buy an aerial vehicle, according to the description, the aircraft should have 10, 20 shot resolution, but I get the goods after, how to see the shooting out of the video effect there is a little fuzzy, so I and sales side to negotiate, I simply tell them I am not satisfied with the shooting resolution, but actually I no actual evidence to prove to me the video below 10, 20 resolution, it is difficult to define whether this product is qualified products. But the other without demur, let me all the money back, and if I promise for other products, there are 50 Australian dollars discount. For this let a person feel satisfied with the service, I was there to buy a better aerial equipment, the shooting quality make people very satisfied."

and for the return of the way, many businesses in Australia are encouraged to buy online, store returns. According to Hu Fang introduction, as a lot of large electricity providers are online and offline at the same time, with substandard goods to return to the store, the problem can be resolved quickly. If you don’t want to change other goods, just want to refund it in the store can often be processed on the spot. As a result, the Australian consumer Competition Commission also reminds consumers on its own website

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