"singles" holiday economy "as an important part of the economy", to a single person natural with 35 singles friends, friends, eat, sing K is simple. This year coincides with the singles day is Friday, is not a working day, whether it is online menace from the rear, the line activities can be taken into account, is rich and colorful. The users are keen to group purchase as an example, many businessmen to seize the opportunity, have launched the "Festival" preferential group purchase can converge, large flow, but also can reap the benefits of more popular gathering, started their places, killing two birds with one stone.


2010-2011 "singles day" – the electricity supplier logistics industry data analysis

to buy a site organized by the park ticket buying activities, for example, just participate in activities, a ticket that can be discounted into the park tour. At the same time, the visitors into the park, only based on "single tickets" to add an extra element, which can carry with me. In order to take care of to participate in the work of the day, after work to the visitors into the park, the park specially arranged lighting, whether single or couple family, day or night to visit the beauty of ornamental light color, can give a full range of care, it is the mind.


activities except for fun tour group purchase, and the party organization type of group purchase is numerous. In the group buying industry, there are festivals, no section of the festival has been the practice for many years. When the day is not occur even in a hundred years, his have linked with the next line of business planning, many single dating activities, and even played in the last century singles success in hand! "Banner to attract tourists. For ordinary office activities are not many people, attractive self-evident. At the same time, has always been to the shopping way to reward themselves buyers, in the face of major business platform launched promotions, ability to resist the temptation to index plummeted.

according to browse Taobao found that many sellers are busy with the supply of communication and logistics, but also the need to allocate human resources to create holiday special promotional pages, contact promotion and other work, a slight decline in the number of orders. The seller should have direct decimal closed for a week. Only to meet the "century day" that day. The Taobao mall official also launched a similar double 11, half off promotions, involving clothing, shoes, bags, cosmetics, food and other categories. Other electricity providers such as dangdang.com, Jingdong mall, all passengers without joining the "hundred regiments" formation, all launched a number of promotions, etc., very panic buying seckill gather popularity effect of festival activities, determined to convert between flow rate and business opportunities as much as possible to the extreme.

as the core part of the online shopping industry support, simply on the terms of the volume of business in terms of Taobao, has occupied a lot of courier business volume of 50%~80%. The logistics industry experienced last year "critical" important lessons after it has been ahead in the transport team, team number, background support and other aspects to actively prepare.