original title [Tmall by sellers to ban the latter said the impact of the Jingdong is not]

with summer approaching, businesses have started planning a wave of promotion, especially business platform heady in recent years, a variety of preferential activities emerge in an endless stream of tricks.

, however, recently some Tmall mall brand businesses has encountered a strange thing, they received a notice from the official mall platform, said the Jingdong must exit in store promotional activities, otherwise it will be subject to sanctions from Tmall". This is exactly why? Here is the domestic media for the event tracking reports.

reported domestic electricity supplier information portal billion state power network later today, Tmall mall brand businesses claimed that the mall platform issued the latest round of tough notice today, ask the seller must tonight before 24 shelves in June to participate in large-scale promotional activities in the Jingdong store all the goods, if not executive, Tmall will clear the seller "are not allowed to participate in the years to promote the" right down, stop trading and other measures. A seller said: relatively large sellers, I believe will receive this notice."

then, according to the media broke the news content on the part of the Tmall sellers were investigated, some sellers said is true, and the Tmall this approach expressed anger and frustration, and some sellers "the topic is too sensitive" or "has not received the relevant notice" on the grounds, declined to comment on the incident of the.

at the same time, the media in the survey found that some sales of more than 10 billion of the size of the ultra large brand is clearly not received notice. According to these businesses revealed that Jingdong mall rationing of a fairly good promotional resources.

at present, see the media Jingdong in the mall, although some of the brands in the Jingdong store page still retains the June promotion plan, but under pressure, some brands have begun to be planned in the activities of the Jingdong goods shelves. Another part of the business is still actively communicate with Jingdong, this time can only take the light of the two evils."

latest news shows, the Jingdong has the mall Tmall’s practice of issuing the official statement said, "the number of sellers is currently Tmall out of little interference, respect the suppliers and sellers choose Jingdong." And hope that all enterprises can pay attention to and protect the interests of suppliers, sellers and consumers, in a way of fair competition to achieve enterprise development, rather than through monopoly and other enterprises to seek benefits.

it is understood that the Jingdong for the entire mall originally planned in June this year, large-scale promotional activities up to eight stages, which covers 3C, digital books, cosmetics, baby, department stores, home appliances, as well as the highlight of Lao special and subsequent group purchase, up to now the book promotion has come to an end.