socket 43 recently, Shenyang Province Bureau of quality supervision on the market and electricity suppliers are selling brand (including chaxianban) of 50 batches of inspection. Monitoring results show that 3 of the products examined and the national standards are inconsistent, may lead to fire and electric shock. The socket and the plug board plays a vital role in the daily life, the safety problem has gradually become a common concern of the public.


Figure 1:

patchboard inferior fire

patchboard are uneven in quality


examination including fixed socket, mobile socket, socket and so the most common types of patchboard. As everyone knows, chaxianban unqualified will lead to leakage, fire disaster and unpredictable. The daily use, the socket pull-out force will also affect the patchboard safety status: lead to excessive leakage, too small will let loose connection plug, insulation aging, fire; if the material is too poor, will also have the same problem.

Security problem of

patchboard although seemingly insignificant, but easily lead to a fire or electric shock accident. Wiring too small, no problem, flammable materials such as overload protection, will lead to a huge disaster in certain situations.

socket safety problems frequently lead to murder

in May 19th this year, a fire occurred in the village of Yang Zhong Jie, Yuanshi County of Shijiazhuang city as an example, the Huai sun sword, because of a fire in the home and never lost son; his wife and young son the body burns, still lying in the hospital ward in the Department of burns. However, the disaster arch-criminal, but only a small strip.

the fire brigade in the investigation of the fire ignition when the sun sword home, found that fire is a common patchboard. The strip is a sun sword buy substandard products, its rated power is low, with many appliances used together, just beyond the patchboard load, causing a fire, causing the tragedy.

how to choose the high quality and safety socket


small strip, could lead to so much disaster. Then, when the socket in the purchase of the future, should be to distinguish it from what is good or bad, to avoid this disaster?


360 security patch

figure 2:360 launch safety

to the new 360 strip for example: first, shell material with high safety insulation, flame retardant, no leakage, fire; second, provide overload protection, over current fast tripping, prevent short circuit surge protection design; equipped with lightning protection, and also can be used normally in extreme weather; the use of "children safety door, prevent children because curious fingers into the jack…… In these aspects were observed, in order to determine the safety > patchboard