recently in a small department store wholesale enterprises, working hard for several months, a close-up of some experience in the exchange of experience. Because no hope everybody contains literary talent. In these months. Because of the early factors in communication or are not familiar with, causing some lack of work and delay, after slowly running, has established a set of adaptation methods, a variety of products including classification, selling price ah ah, so you can quickly understand the situation is.

is now on the site of the goods are basically two floor store products, including knitting, electrical appliances, bedding, 3 stores under the more than and 40 categories of products. The website framework and function is perfect, the server has been stable, normal access is acceptable to customers, and have an understanding of the company, on the two floor of the products also have a general understanding and familiar with the current site is still typing a variety of products, and improve the product key information including pictures, product design, the price of the products, the corresponding price quality etc.. Also think about the site’s profit marketing model. Because Chang Shun is the main daily necessities, popular products, this product can easily buy or wholesale in daily life, if you take the pure electronic commerce is a pure online sales order mode, will produce the following problems:

first, the site is a new site, the popularity is low, the awareness of new customers is not high.

two, pure online sales model to go through a certain period of training, the establishment of sales model, the overall impression of the goods. That is, the price and quality of the goods can not correspond to each other. For example, a customer in the past to get a pack of socks in other places is 20 yuan, in the package of a bag of what is the quality of Shun Shun, the customer must have a question.

three, online wholesale mode and retail model is not the same, retail goods high profits, fewer varieties, the fixed number of goods, products clear. If the wholesale is not the same, because the wholesale goods shipments in stores, once the entry to the Internet, today entry of goods, tomorrow no goods, manufacturers of goods are rarely the same types of the same styles, such as hair dryer, the last entry about 40 a week. After I go to see, 40 products are basically the last entry of another batch of product coverage. If businesses of all products all the input distribution is completed, although this is reasonable, but the photoelectric blowing 100 varieties is not much, even if the only recorded two building products, the workload is not small, but also can ensure that the manufacturer will not exchange it again next year!

3, website analysis


can Chang Shun with customers and establish a "network direct relationship" like Chang Shun Chang Shun and to provide goods manufacturers of this relationship, the clients need to consider whether a pack of 20 socks you here to buy the real value of 20 dollars, to other places to buy a $18 question, of course, this is only limited to the network. If a customer needs a mid-range sock, he doesn’t want to have time to come and buy the goods himself, then he just tells us that he needs socks, socks