many people open shop, the first thought is to sell what, what the best selling, what to sell, sell good, related to the shop to survive, for the common people, find sources has become the biggest problem, which is how to find a good supply? Here are some of my experience.

1 make full use of local resources

no matter where the rich and the poor, will have their own products, if there are good, and what other places do not, what you sell, may soon be able to open your own market, so, here, must always care about things around, always stay in mind and see the good things, think about how into business opportunities.

2, local wholesale market

must run more regional wholesale market, such as the Guangzhou train station near several large wholesale market, where clothing, clothes always Amoy and you want to, and if you can get good luck, the manufacturers price generally, where there are many manufacturers to set up shops where, if you go to more and more, and related manufacturers will slowly pull relationship, after it is not difficult to find goods. If their wholesale market goods, never once took too much, because every piece of goods one thousand people have one thousand personal views, not their own love in large quantities, if not to the market reaction, you can take a little less water test.

3 foreign discount merchandise

When the

season, part of the manufacturers will take the last season of the commodity sales promotion out, foreign brands are almost as low as you can, if you have friends or relatives abroad, then congratulations to you, you can ask them to help you to the mall to Amoy some discount goods back then. Get online to sell, even the traditional mall 60 percent off, there will be 10% or more of the profit space.

4 shop agent consignment

I think this needless to say, many Taobao novice sellers, are the first to sell the products of others, to test the water, there are many wholesalers can deliver goods, especially introduced a website used, Ali wholesale supply, this is not the wholesale, but to collect all kinds of wholesale businesses. In the above, you will find, want goods. In other words, although the agency does not sell consignment inventory risk, then you can not really see the goods, the goods are not sure, so find a good agent is very important.


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