[Abstract] users can log on to AppStore and Android applications market in January 10th.


technology news (Le Tian) January 7th news, Jingdong’s pat Network announced today, mobile shop management tools – pat micro shop APP will be on the line, the user can login on January 10th AppStore and the Android application market download.

pat micro shop relevant responsible person said that the launch of the tool will help the massive personal users, the traditional wholesale market businesses and traditional network operators to the rapid transformation of mobile Internet, expanding opportunities to use social networks to WeChat, micro-blog, mobile phone QQ, QQ space.

pat micro shop APP official single Yuhun said Pat micro shop APP is a tool for sellers shop, download the APP, only need to login QQ number, you can complete the upload pictures of goods, merchandise information, store, edit the template query order, data statistics, cash and other store management function.

Yuhun said, Chinese has more than 8000 thousands of traditional wholesale and retail enterprises, due to the lack of ability of operation and operation experience, has been unable to move from the end to start, pat micro shop APP can help these traditional enterprises use the "fool".

in addition to open shop convenient fast, Dan Yuhun introduced, pat micro shop APP there is a core function, is its distribution system. The seller with mobile phone landing pat micro shop after APP, in the "distribution system" in the selection from pat of high-quality goods, these goods can be selected, select a key in his store on consignment sales, after the completion of the direct acquisition of commission rebate.

pat micro shop had been announced in 2015 traffic subsidy and support policy, in addition to the platform fee, commission deduction, payment and cash services fees, free of charge, to the center of exposure resources 2015 pat flow and wireless set extrapolation advertising.

in addition to the use of offline activities and preferential policies to attract more high-quality sellers into the country, pat micro shop also launched a battle for quality buyers". Pat announced the day before, will invest 100 million yuan to recruit 10 thousand micro business partner".

called the "micro business partner" refers to those hidden among friends, group appeal, good at finding cheap goods to a group of people, they have a network called "online shopping hand chop party".

according to reports, the micro business partner through cheap shot open group, the use of WeChat, Q and other social networking tools the way forward, to help a friend to buy cheap Wumart good goods, really cheap accounted for at the same time, also can get the "sales commission".