is now on the Internet what the money, we first thought is the electronic commerce, electronic commerce website the most attention is the flow of the conversion rate, the greater the flow will tend to have good sales, but profit formula of e-commerce sites are: flow quantity of X flow rate X once the flow of profits; through this formula, a single flow of profits often can not arbitrarily change the site traffic and traffic conversion rate will be through our own efforts to constantly improve! And more people are focusing on how to improve website traffic volume, and there is little effective method and the first paragraph to improve the traffic conversion rate! But now a growing number of e-commerce sites is very concerned about the subsequent sales strategy! What is the follow-up sales strategy?

In fact,

subsequent sales strategy with our traditional lifting and repeat number is similar, after the first purchase of the customer, to attract users to buy other goods through some strategies, this approach does not require the user to develop cost too much, so the profit rate will be much higher, so how to effectively improve the subsequent sales strategy the effect of


one: first trust high cost

client for the first time to your site to buy the product, there will be very hesitant, do not trust is the main reason of transactions often leads to failure, so how to let users trust you, has become the focus of many e-commerce sites such as Taobao store investment, tend to spend a lot of money to brush drill or enhance the credibility, and the electronic commerce website often through a lot of advertising, which will enhance the brand website, so as to allow new users to easily generate a sense of trust, when establishing trust and start shopping on your website, you can also through the subsequent sales strategy to allow them to buy more things, such as when we often go to the vegetable market buy food, usually only buy a pound, but often sell some greengrocer three pounds of food for you, in order to get more profits for the electronic commerce website! The same is true! Through subsequent sales, can greatly reduce the cost of the first trust!

two: money can do

in the shopping mall is not such a sentence, only buy the wrong, no wrong to sell, that businesses can always make money, but in the e-commerce website, this law could be a failure, the first time users to buy products, often we will lose money and earn, to prepare the next follow-up the sales strategy, when users trust your site, you follow the sales strategy will play a multiplier effect, then these repeat customers when purchasing the product, even if the price is slightly higher than other sites, they also will be the first choice of trusted sites, the nature of your profits will come back, so that in the first sale for new clients, a loss is not terrible, but there is no repeat of


three: establish customer files, often contact

In fact,

e-commerce sites can use a lot of supermarket practices, such as the establishment of VIP members, these members will be stored in the same database, and at any time

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