electricity supplier industry is bound to be more and more peaceful, in the electricity supplier market space continues to expand the current situation, more and more companies aimed at this market. The strength of the enterprise to do the electricity supplier website, no strength of the enterprise to open shop, in short, the electricity supplier who want to bite this fat. The SF again exposed to the electricity market expectations, recently launched a high-end business website "respect", the main member of the invitation system, high-end gift supplier service. Positioning accurate enough, but the outlook is bleak, low-key SF electricity supplier shizaibide.

precise positioning breakout electricity supplier

courier giant SF electricity supplier coveted, the electricity supplier market layout is also slowly revealed, and the latest honour from the SF E district to SF treasure will depend on the SF logistics started is constantly trying to penetrate the field of electronic business. Ali and Jingdong is the first development of the electricity supplier, after the layout of the logistics, while SF is in turn, first and reverse logistics, into electricity supplier. The first product to enter the electricity supplier SF SF E business has been tepid, after a long time internal planning, SF "respect" surfaced.

Localization of

SF "respect" is very special, so many people can not think of the electricity supplier. There are gifts to do electricity supplier, there is a luxury electricity supplier, but no giant focus on doing high-end gift electricity supplier. The location of the SF is very fine, not to compete with popular gifts website, nor does the luxury business this muddy water, with strict membership invitation system construction of high-grade gift business. The "reciprocity" customs, holidays gifts is an essential thing, and in the high-end gift website will have a lot of profit on the inside, to form into the high-end customer business gifts group is a powerful means to break through the existing electricity market. The existing location SF "respect", there is likely to break the existing pattern of electricity market. Do not know if Tmall and Jingdong will follow up the high-end gift business, in accordance with the style of these two giants, to snatch the high-end gift market is entirely possible.

for profit or brand

SF wishing to target the business niche market to seek a breakthrough in the pattern of the electricity supplier, is to profit or for the brand? If invited for profit, the mode of the system will enable the website expansion speed is poor, and the minority groups positioning in the high-end, the high-end people buy SF account of how many people in? The high-end business market a single product profit will be relatively high, but because the number of consumers, the overall sales profit is not high. The SF express industry leader status, so the profit point of interest will not be great, SF do propriety of the main purpose or from the electricity supplier breakthrough, establish a brand, and then gradually expand.

competition in the electricity supplier gradually into the white hot stage, profitability is not the main purpose, establish the brand is the primary task. If the brand can hold water, the electricity supplier in the market can exist. In the large B2C electricity market has Tmall, Jingdong, Dangdang, Tesco and other industry giants exist, SF then invested heavily with their contention that the effect is not big, but also.

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